Jamo Surround Two Surround Speakers

Surround Two

THX Certified Surround Speaker System - 3-Way Dipole Design - 6½" / 165mm Woofer, 2 x 3¾" / 95mm Midrange, 2 x 1" / 25mm Tweeters

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Tobias   Audio Enthusiast [Feb 25, 2001]

Before I only used normal rear speakers (I don´t know what such are called) and then I bought these babies. I have listened to B&W THX DIPOLE and was very impressed. Now I knew that I wanted to buy a dipole but not the B&W´s because I have had some bad experinces with it. So I went down to my local hifi-center and bought a complet JAMO THX SURROUND SYSTEM, with 400 watt RMS SUB and two front´s and a center. Those were rated to 250 watt RMS. The rear were rated to 200 watt RMS. This system is excelent. Especially the rears and the sub. The rears are giving the most impressive difus sound I have ever heard. A crystal clear diskant and mid tone. The bass is also Ok. But this system only sounds good on a pretty good surroundreceiver or amplifier.
My advise is. Buy em´.

Ps. Sorry for the spelling!!

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