Infinity Systems BETA ES250 Surround Speakers


BETA ES250 Loudspeakers

  • Highly configurable surround sound speaker
  • Selectable monopole, bipole, dipole, and/or dual-speaker-mode operation
  • Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD) driver technology
  • CAI waveguides
  • Low-Frequency Driver: Two 5" CMMD woofers
  • High-Frequency Driver: Two 1" CMMD tweeters
  • In white or black finish
  • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB): 60 Hz - 20 kHz; 50 Hz - 40 kHz (-6 dB)
  • Recommended Power: 10 - 150 watts
  • Sensitivity: 87dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Crossover Frequency: 2,300 Hz; 24 dB / octave
  • Dimensions: 13-3/4" high, 11-13/16" wide, 6-7/8" deep
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs. each

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    kfilly   AudioPhile [Dec 15, 2006]

    Build quality is top notch. All drivers are of high quality. The sound quality is great! I am able to listen to music in surround mode on my stereo, and everything sounds fantastic. The speaker can play fairly low considering its size. Movie effects are also terrific! This speaker looks fairly sharp in the black color scheme (IMO). The speaker is light enough to be wall mounted. It has a vertical groove, which runs the entire height of the speaker, providing a passage for the speaker wire to reach the binding posts. The metal grills protect the drivers from accidental damage, and they do not detract from sound quality. The switch to select speaker modes (monopole/dipole/bipole) is easily accessible by removing front panel which is similar to a regular speaker grill. I highly recommend these speakers to people who have a 5.1 or 6.1 system who might want to have the illusion of more channels. Instruction manual describing the set up process/speaker options was fairly concise and easy to follow.


    Only 86 dB sensitivity! Speaker shape does not really accomodate speaker stands for those who prefer not to drill holes in their walls.

    I have to agree with the previous reviewer's comments about the versitility of these speakers. I currently have only one of these that I use to provide both rear center channels in a 7.1 system. I have a smaller room so the ability to use a single speaker to provide two channels is a major plus for my application. Although I never have tried any of the other speaker settings (monopole/dipole), I can see that the speaker could be extremely versatile and easy to tailor to a personal listening preference. The sound quality is great! The speaker blends well with all of my other speakers which are also from the Infinity Beta Series (50's as fronts, C360 center, and 10's as left/right rear).

    Customer Service

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    Similar Products Used: Harman Kardon AVR 340
    Infinity Beta 50's-Front channels
    Infinity Beta C360-Center channel
    Infinity Beta 10's -Left and right surrounds
    Cheap Sony Powered sub which is next to be replaced.
    Electric_Haggis   Audio Enthusiast [Jul 29, 2006]

    See above


    Could be more efficient. 90dB or more would have been great.

    I spent a lot of time hunting around, researching and getting annoyed, and I realised that there are really no surround speakers that give you what these things give you. Here's why I reckon my new Infinity ES-250's are so damn great...

    * Great looking (high spouse-approval factor)
    * Available in black or white
    * Protective metal grilles mean no kids or guests putting their hands through the speaker diaphragms. Minimal effect on sound quality.
    * Sturdy and well-designed. The groove on the back for cables is most welcome.
    * Big enough to hold their own against mightier front speakers, but not so big that they dominate the room.
    * Very clean and accurate. They match brilliantly with my VAF Research DC-X front speakers, which are also very accurate.
    * Drivers firing outwards at 45 degrees mean they're not dependant on side-wall reflections. Also puts you more "on-axis" for critical listening.
    * Equal drivers facing front and back. Infinity haven't skimped on their woofers and tweeters..
    * Full-range. They go down to a claimed 50Hz and 40kHz. I roll mine off at 100Hz, but it's nice to have the option. For SACDs, they're equal to the task.
    * Dipole / Bipole / Monopole switchable. LOVE this. You can easily tailor them for your room, tastes and placement.
    * THIS is the clincher - Dual-Monopole mode !!! If you already have a 7.1 amp or receiver, you can simply connect another cable for the rear-firing drivers, then switch to Dolby IIx to run everything in 7.1, giving you stereo Back surrounds - four channels from two speakers! This gives you a complex, diffuse surround field while not introducing the bass-cancellation that most dipoles give. In my case, I actually got better results doing this than having a separate pair of Back speakers mounted on the rear wall! Brilliant!! I'm not aware of another speaker that offers this way of operating.
    * Great value for money when you consider all these things.

    I can recommend these speakers with my hand on my heart !

    Customer Service

    Don't know yet.

    Similar Products Used: (or demoed)... Mordaunt-Short , Jamo , Polk , Boston Acoustics , KEF .
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