Cambridge Soundworks S300 MultiPole Surround Speakers

S300 MultiPole

A 3-way, 4-driver surround speaker, the S300's multi-mode implementation offers three dispersion patterns for optimum performance with any surround sound program material. The Dipole mode provides a diffuse dispersion pattern that seems to be coming ""from all directions."" Diffuse dispersion is favored for Dolby Surround recordings. The Bipole mode retains the broad dispersion of the Dipole mode, but adds a center focus ideal for synthesized surround applications, DSP ""hall"" or ""stadium"" modes, and many Dolby Digital recordings. Direct (monopole) mode employs a front panel-mounted two-way system of superb fidelity for precise rear speaker imaging on programs featuring a larger amount of complex rear channel sound DTS or Dolby Digital concert recordings and soon-to-be-available DVD-audio recordings. The modes are chosen via a convenient selector on the underside of the enclosure.

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Stephen Murray   Audio Enthusiast [Jan 03, 2002]

good looks, quality construction, extremely immersive surround sound imaging, three different dispersion settings


expensive(to me) might want a more full range speaker if you are planning on DVD-AUDIO SACD

I recently purchased these speakers as part of the MC300.5 package. See my reviews of the MC300 and P500 subwoofer. I bought these speakers to upgrade from the CSW surround IV speakers.
Out of the box, these speakers are really great looking. The half moon feature looks really great mounted on the wall. The shape also allows for great surround imaging.
The speakers have 4 drivers. A four inch woofer and 1 inch tweeter in front and two 2.5 inch midrange on the side. It also has three sound dispersion patterns. Direct uses the tweeter and woofer, Bipole uses the woofer and mid-range equally and Dipole which uses only the two side mid-ranges. This allows you to set the speakers for the type of output. I like the bipole for DVD movies and TV and Direct for the 5.1 DTS CD that I have. Some people might like the Direct setting for action movies since it pinpoints the sound better.
The speakers sound really great for movie soundtracks. I have the speakers slightly in front of my listening area. I was watching Empire of the Sun and there is a part where two Japanese fighters fly directly over your head. The bipole setting on the surrounds blended seamlessly with the MC300 main speakers. You could hear the plane start at the front speakers and then move across the room and trail off behind me. It was as if the sound just wrapped around the surround speakers moving from the first mid-range to the center woofer to the back mid-range. t was a minor effect, but I felt it really demonstrated how these speakers immerse you.
Since I used to have the small one driver Surround IV’s above and behind my listening position, I was used to having the surround effects really pinpointed. These speakers create a much more enveloping movie experience. They still providing good imaging of pinpoint effects such as gunfire from the sides like in the bullet-dodging scene in the MATRIX. I think some people feel surround sound needs to feel like it is coming from a specific direction. I thought that was as well, but the bipole setting really give a feel if being in the movie and not just watching it.

My receiver will not split a stereo signal into simulated surround music (stupid Sony), so I cannot really say how well they do with music. I have one DTS music CD and with the speakers set on direct, they sound pretty good. I would think if I were to get into DVD-Audio or SACD, I might want more full range speakers for surrounds. I have not had that much experience with using them for music so it is hard to say. They sounded good at the store when I brought in some CDs and he put the receiver on 5-channel stereo.
This comment about using them for music would be my only reservation. And that being said, I think I need some more experience with that to give a final verdict. Also if you are planning on using them for just home theatre, I would say definitely buy them. They are $450 a pair which is expensive. But in terms of creating an amazing surround sound environment, I feel that the design and quality of the drivers and material make these awesome surround speakers.
Also, I have found the staff at CSW to be infinitely more knowledgeable than those at the big chain stores. They are willing to spend a lot of time with you to make sure you are happy with what you have. Also the 45-day in home trial gives you a chance to see if you really like the speakers. If not you can return them. I was in there for over 1.5 hours getting my system and this is my second system I have purchased from them

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