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VITW1844   AudioPhile [Feb 21, 2011]

Writing as conservatively as I can, I am extremely happy with this product. I would not recommend this subwoofer for very large rooms, but it is more than powerful enough for small to medium sized apartments. I use this subwoofer with Yamaha HS50M studio monitors, which are fast and extremely clear in the midrange. In practical use the SW150 does not ever lag behind them, and is used confidently in our home studio for near-field monitoring. The 10 inch kevlar cone is fast and light, and really does the business. The bass is very tight and controlled, and it extends well down audibly into the 30Hz region. I strongly recommend this option for desktop studio engineers as the SW150 reproduces bass very accurately.

This subwoofer can really slam when necessary. It is really surprising to hear the solidity and power that can come from this speaker, and the SW150 reminds us time and again how a bass drum sounds in reality. Furthermore, this unit is very good at reproducing low frequency textures, and tonal colour. Harmonics extend wonderfully true from notes. In fact, in all my 25 years of audio experience, I have not heard a single speaker as versatile as this unit in the low frequencies. There of course must be better subwoofers out there, but for me this Wharfedale SW150 fits my room and professional monitoring needs perfectly.

You will not get the very last few 20Hz, but once you have a high quality source, you will rarely miss these (and I can say this confidently for I have owned speakers that extend well below 20Hz in-room, but none have been as agile and musical).

Highly recommended.

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