Wharfedale PC12+ Subwoofers

Wharfedale PC12+ Subwoofers 


  • Frequency: 30-95Hz
  • SPL: 110dB
  • Crossover: 35-85Hz
  • Driver: 12" 300mm
  • Built-in 150W


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[Feb 11, 2010]
Casual Listener

211 Euro www.mconcept-shop.de

I own a Teufel Concept E Magnum surround system. It has 5 small satellite speakers with 8cm midrange drivers. The sub is quite powerfull with the 25cm bass driver and front bass-reflex port.

After 3 years of usage I started missing some "parts" of music. Especially voices were not that powerfull and the bass around 100 Hz was a kind of weak too.

I decidet to buy a new system with real booshelf speakers, the Heco Victa 200 and Victa 100 Center. This is a good experience to hear voices and the upper bass reproduced a lot better then on my old Teufel System.

For a wile I used the powerfull Teufel subwoofer but the lack around 80Hz remained and the bookshelfe speakers are not that powerfull at this range too.

So I decided to purchase the Powercube 12+ subwoofer, because some people from a german forum Hifi-Forum.de made good experience with tis sub: nice finish, veri good reproduction of music for example.

So I bought not the 10+ but the 12+ model, because I wanted a bigger one then my Teufel. This was the right decision, because the 12 is only a bit bigger then the Teufel.

I noticed a good bass by playing musik. the upper bass is very powerfull and it shakes a lot better then the smaller Teufel subwoofer.

Movie sounds come amazing too - my poor neighbours :-P

What I noticed like the othe reviewer too is the lack of frequencies about and under 35-30 Hz. My smaller Teufel subwoofer manages 30 Hz surpisingly powerfull cause of the front bass port. The 12+ was a kind of weak at 30 Hz, it gets a bit better, if you turn the bass ports in your direction. But I was at start very disappointed, that my old cheap Teufel was so powerfull on and a bit under 30 Hz and the big 12+ had no power.

But other frequencies aboth 40 Hz the Teufel hat no chances. Overall both music and movies the 12+ wins hands down. The 12+ makes a lot more pressure. The Teufel is not good for music at all. And movie explosions came kind of weak, except the very deep freqencies, but thats not the deal...

For 211 Euro you can't get 20Hz that has to be said. I'm very pleased with the purchase of the Wharfedale 12+ and this surprisingly small looking 30cm subwoofer looks really nice in rosewood, emphasis on wood!

Very good reproduction of musik, good on movies

for this price its OK but I expected to hear frequencies around 30Hz from 30cm bass driver. The smaller Teufel beats the bigger 12+ at this point (only)

[Dec 23, 2006]


Price, 12" sub, 150w, line-out. X-over (sounds like 18dB/oct?).


Lack of low frequency extension below 35Hz, build quality.

While I was shopping for something, don't remember what exactly and saw this sub on sale, from 799NZD to 345NZD! After few hour unsuccessful Googling I didn’t find too many review online. But for this price I could not be wrong... So I bought this sub. 12", 150w, selectable LP filter (35-85Hz, in 10Hz steps), phase switch (0-180). Sub level control, line-in, line-out (full range) and speaker inputs.

How does it sound?
First impressions - awesome, especially for movies. You can actually feel the movies, and I have sub level on the min! :). Interesting, that sub for this price range, delivered a good performance on music material. In Wharfedale specs frequency response is 35Hz .. 95Hz (-6dB). That’s for sure is overrated. 35Hz you can barely feel (-9dB I would say), but there are not a lot of _music_ bellow 40Hz anyway.

Similar Products Used:

Axiomaudio, Klipsch, Pioneer, Wharfedale. Lots of custom built car-audio subs.

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