VMPS The New Original Subwoofers

The New Original

  • Frequency Response: +0, -3dB, 20Hz to 600Hz
  • THD: 2.5% max. 20Hz to 600Hz
  • Sensitivity: 90dB/1W/1m
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Power Requirements: 20W - 200W rms
  • Dimensions: 20 x 27 x 17"

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BC Dave   AudioPhile [Jun 10, 2006]

Very powerful bass. No ports, so no port noise. It just sounds "bigger" than any other sub I've ever owned. It reminds me a little of being at a concert with high quality speakers, listening to the music they play between sets and marvelling at the bass power than just doesn't seem to be there when you go home and listen to your system. Don't get me wrong. This sub isn't some kind of car boombox. It is extremely musical, yet extremely deep and powerful. Excellent with movies too. Shakes the room.


Size maybe. This thing is as big as a 35-inch TV on its side. I thought my wife would say "take it back" but it kind of disappears behind our TV and the rest of the home theater system, which is angled into a corner.

This really isn't a weakness, but very few people have heard of VMPS. If more people knew about it, I'll bet these subs would sell like hotcakes.

I had no intention of buying this or any other sub, already having a Paradigm PS-1000 v4 I was happy with. I was reading our local buy and sell and spotted a 1991 VMPS Original for sale for $200. I used to read the VMPS ads in the backs of stereo mags and I was intrigued. The seller followed me home and helped me set it up. I was instantly impressed at the effortless bass this thing produced. I have a huge family room opening up into a kitchen with 14 foot ceiling and a living room and dining room beyond that. The other sub was loud at the listening point but it got lost once you were up in the kitchen. Not the VMPS. Since then I have purchased the new Megawoofer woven carbon fibre driver with 80 ounce magnet, and a new passive radiator. I'm driving the sub with a Rotel power amp bridged to 300 watts RMS. I'm in heaven.

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