Rythmik Audio F15HP Subwoofers

Rythmik Audio F15HP Subwoofers 


F15HP uses higher power H600PEQ servo amplifier and DS1510 driver. DS1510 features a 3" voice coil and 200 oz magnet. Its linear excursion range has increased to +/- 20mm (from +/-15mm of DS1500). There is a across the board 2db increase over A370PEQ2 option. The entire subwoofer is 12lbs heavier.


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[Dec 28, 2010]
Audio Enthusiast

Finding Rythmik
I was hesitant to throw down a little over $1200 without ever getting a chance to listen to the sub but I decided to take my chances. Why? Well, I researched for hours and hours (I would say around 100 or so) reading thread after thread on subwoofers with the best sound quality and noticed something they all seemed to have in common. Every thread I read the name Rythmik came up. Then I started reading Rythmik Subwoofer reviews. I read review after review and never found anyone who had anything bad to say. Most described the subs with statements such as: "The best sq sub I have ever heard." or "The cleanest, tighest sub I have had the pleasure of hearing." So I pulled the trigger and bought one.

The second it arrived and I opened the box I knew that this wasn't just some overpriced piece of junk. It was packed better than any packed I ever received. Brain (Rythmik's Owner) even includes a pair of gloves so you don't get fingerprints all over the sub.

Listening Impressions with Music
I hooked this sexy beast up and put on song after song. It was like listening to the songs for the first time. The bass is tight, and super clean. No boom or bloat just super clean. It's actually hard to even describe but it must be heard to understand it. My most recent favorite song to demo subwoofers is Linkin Park's "When They Come for Me". The song has great percussion and needs a great sub to compliment it. Wow it was just awesome. I felt like Linkin Park was right in front of me playing in a studio! Then I put on some Dr. Dre to see what it sounded like with rap. Again just got to hear to get it. Amazing!

Listening Impressions with Movies
I put in Master & Commander to listen to the cannons and wow! My whole room was shaking! I could literally feel the bass across my entire body! It was great! Went on to try out the first scene of Watchmen (where the comedians gets killed) and i feel each and every punch!

This sub is the bomb and must be heard/purchased! No regrets at all and I will purchasing another F15HP from Brain in the middle of January (when there back in-stock)!

Note: Before I bought my F15HP I was running two Polk Audio MicroPro 2000s, The difference between the 2 MicroPros vs the 1 F15HP was night and day. The MicroPros could not hold a candle in output or sq!

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