REL Acoustics Stentor III Subwoofers

Stentor III

- True 300W (continuous) discrete, direct-coupled MOSFET amplifier
- Downward-firing long-throw 250mm (10”) very heavy duty “Volt” driver, die-cast chassis
- Refined ABC® variable crossover adjustment in 24 musically correct semi-tone increments between 24Hz-106Hz.
- Acoustic Resistive Matrix (ARM) loading for smoother bass response
- Four position mode selector: line/LFE (0 degrees phase and 180 degrees phase)
- Audiophile grade toroidal transformer
- Gas-tight Neutrik high level connection for long-term consistency of sound quality
- High quality, panel-mounted twin phono inputs at 0dB and +12dB (low level)
- High and low level balanced inputs (Neutrik/XLR)
- Totally discrete input circuitry for high and low level inputs
- Separate volume controls for high and low-level adjustment
- Simultaneous connection of high and low level sources
- Set-Safe® audibly transparent driver protection
- Balanced-bridge power supply
- 8x ultra-rugged output devices
- Double thickness, double-sided glass-fibre board with plated-through holes
- IEC power input socket - no captive leads for installation flexibility
- Hand-built in Great Britain, three year worldwide warranty

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DJ NUKE   AudioPhile [Feb 28, 2007]

Truly ridiculous levels of bass energy. Fantastic build quality. Easy intergration. Improves the performance of whatever its partnered with!


Absolutly none!

Now having used a REL Acoustics Stadium III for just under a year I thought I was happy. That is until I started researching the REL Acoustics Stentor III. From reading various reviews I was able to determine that this sub is something special. Now having sold my Stadium III and having received the Stentor III just this week I can confirm this Subwoofer is indeed something special! The way it effortlessly extrudes and delivers low frequency information is truly out of this world! With my music system it adds real weight to the bass but also improves the sound of your speakers considerably in other areas such as imaging, pitch definition and the overall three dimensionality. Your whole system steps up a gear and delivers the sort of performance kit twice the price would deliver. As for HT this thing should be shipped ith a structural damage disclaimer! Im not kidding! When the movie calls for it this beast can literally smash your house down! But for the quieter parts of the movie it gently adds those all important characteristics it delivers with your music set up to make your HT system sound truly amazing.

An absolutly amazing product with out of this world performance! Worth every single penny! Buy one!

Similar Products Used: Paradigm PDR 8 and a PSW 1000. REL Acoustics Q200E, Strata 5 and a Stadium III.
AJS   AudioPhile [Dec 12, 2006]

~ Does everything a sub is supposed to do, and nothing it's not.


~ Expensive. I'm not sure why great bass reproduction, even at this level, should have to cost over $4000.
~ In musical terms, I can't find any weaknesses. Only way to better this sub is to:

1. buy two of them which may help to load the room better and acheive "stereo" lows or,
2. get the Studio III or,
3. rent Tony Levin for the night or,
4. acquire a surplus howitzer.

The Stentor III is an improvement over its predecessor, the Stentor II, so it deserves its own review section.

I had originally bought a cherry-veneered Stadium III but it had a small dent on one of the corners; surprising that it got past REL's QC dept. However, after a couple of weeks I felt there was room for improvement. Yes the Stadium III is a fine sub, but for whatever reason I couldn't seem to get satisfied with its sound. (I have also reviewed the Stadium III) Since I was waiting for a replacement for that one anyway, I decided instead to take the leap and pony up the shekels for the Stentor III.

Well, to my ears the Stentor III was a noticeable improvement over the Stadium III. The Stentor seemed completely effortless, totally whole, and accurate, without drawing attention to itself. It had a more natural or realistic sound ("organic"?), where the Stadium III seemed a bit "dryer", but only in comparison to the Stentor III. Once you've tuned in the correct x-over point to match your particular satellite speakers and found the best room placement, you're on your way to audio nirvana. I'm not kidding!

Satellites used in this review were the original B&W Nautilus 803's; X-O settings on the REL's were 34Hz; room size: 20'x13'x8.5'. Both Stadium III and Stentor III had been placed in the right corner behind the speakers. Spikes were NOT used - the REL's sound better on their supplied feet IMO.

With either REL in the chain, the soundstage opens up in all dimensions, including height and depth perception. The effect is utterly amazing. I can now hear everything that is on a recording that most systems will only hint at. What's more: I have yet to find a recording of the subterranean kind that taxes the Stent's output or extention ability. This is also utterly amazing for a single 10" driver and a medium-sized box. For me, this is THE Subwoofer. The worst thing about owning a Stentor III is you never want to stop listening. (And your neighbors will revile you!)

Customer Service

I can't comment on REL's customer service, but the dealer I bought them from - Audio Port in Kansas - gave me full credit on the cosmetically flawed Stadium III towards the price of the Stentor III, with no hassles, though it looks like they're no longer a REL dealer. :(

Similar Products Used: ADS, B&W, Entec, JBL, REL, Sunfire, Vandersteen, Velodyne, others.
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