Paradigm Reference SUB 12 Subwoofers

Paradigm Reference SUB 12 Subwoofers 


  • Design: patented built-in Ultra-Class-D power amplifier
  • 3400 watts Dynamic Peak / 1700 watts RMS Sustained
  • Auto-On/Off, Trigger-On/Off, soft clipping
  • Low-Frequency Extension: 16 Hz (DIN)
  • Line-Level Input Sensitivity: 100 mV Mono


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[Apr 01, 2010]

It would be so easy for me to simply give my review of my new Sub12 in
one word...and the word would be awesome.

But that would take all the fun out of some of the incredible descriptions I have for the sub.

I'll start off with fit and finish. I purchased the Rosenut finish based on how that finish looks on the Studio 10s I have at my store look. I also have a red brick fireplace in the room, and it is a nice match. The build quality is excellent. The finish is stunning and the curved shape make it look significantly more stylish that my old PW2200 (retired 5 years ago, and reviewed here as well back in 1999).

The size is really nice as well as it is not as big as the Servo15 or the PW2200...but is still weighs a ton and moving it around is a big of a chore. But then again, I also have a NAD M25 power amp the weigh in just under 100 lbs, so that sub was actually easier to move than that.

There is definitely a break in period with this sub. I knew the from the one we use in my store, but right out of the box you can tell it is lacking on the really deep bass.

Now, after two weeks of proud ownership, this thing is awesome. When properly tuned in with both volume, crossover, and phase, it give you a visceral experience when called upon.

I'll start off with the power and impact of the sub. During the dragon fight scene in Harry Potter And the Goblet of Fire, the thuds the dragons tail make hit you very hard in the chest, but doesn't linger around either. The travel that the woofer has is amazing to watch.

Watching the woofer move hyperactively during Cloverfield was astonishing. It has incredible travel, yet maintains tight control. But I think the performance of the Sub12 that astounded me the most was its speed. It is very very fast. I still remember the performance of my PW2200. Lots of boom but slightly sloppy. Not with the Sub12.

Watching a scene from Live Free or Die Hard, Ronin or T3 where they are using heavy machine gun fire, the Sub12 is able to keep up with each shot. It literally can feel like somebody tapping you in the chest with the palm of their hand. I personally found that to be the most impressive.

So my conclusion is that the Sub12 is an amazing piece of equipment and that it has transformed my movie watching great to phenomenal.

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