Paradigm Reference Signature Servo Subwoofers

Paradigm Reference Signature Servo Subwoofers 


Single high-excursion driver, closed-loop servo system, sealed enclosure, built-in Ultra-Class-D amplifier, 1200W RMS (20-150Hz @ <0.1% THD), 4500W peak, auto-on/off, trigger-on/off, soft clipping, thermal protection, electrical shorting protection, 380mm (15") mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cone, oversized surround, 76mm (3") bifilar 8-layer voice coil, high-temperature Apical former, dual spiders, die-cast heatsink chassis, 13kg (28.6lb) magnet structure, -3dB low frequency extension at 11Hz, variable 35-150Hz cutoff frequency, subwoofer contour variable from +0-6dB at 60Hz, variable phase alignment 0º–180º, line-level RCA or balanced XLR input, internal volume 83.5L/2.95 cubic ft, 19¼"H x 18"W x 20 7/8"D, 107lb


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[Apr 25, 2006]
Dave Knapp Rochester NY
Audio Enthusiast


Great improvement over original Servo 15.
Drop dead gorgeous finish.
Great impact and dynamics.
Just must be auditioned.


Your back trying to move it around your room. Very heavey.

Well all I can say is that this sub is night and day better than my old Servo 15a. Once I finally got it adjusted and balanced into my system this sub is amazing. There is no comparision on output, volume or the impact this sub has. All you servo 15 owners don't listen to this sub because once you do you be hooked. There were a couple of differences worth noting. This sub is great for music. But I would have to say that my old Servo blended in with my old Studio 100's better than the Signature blended in with my new S8's. It took more adjusting because the output of the signature sub is substantially more than my old servo and the positioning was much more sensitive in my current room layout. I had to really adjust the phase with the subs adjustment over my Anthem's adjustment.

So it is alot of trial and error to get it to blend in but once it does its amazing. All I can say is my neighbors felt the depth charges when I put U571.

My system:

Anthem AVM20
Anthem P2 amp
Anthem A5 amp
Paradigm Signature S8's
Paradigm Signature C3
Paradigm Signature ADP's
Paradigm Signature Servo
Sony DVP-9000ES with Dan Wright level III mods
Monster Signature Power AVS2000 and HT7000
Sony 50" XBR1 SXRD display

Enough said.

Customer Service

Let me make one note. I purchased Paradigm's all seperately. Paradigm has a huge problem with their cherry finishes. I ordered a C3 and it came in a week later. My S8's came in 4 weeks after that. The color of the speakers were not even close, at least 6 shades in color darker than the center channel. If you are looking to order these speakers please be aware that you might have an issue with the color matching of the speakers.

Paradigm replaced my original C3, S8's to match the signature sub. So this is just a FYI to anyone thinking about ordering these speakers. I wanted cherry because it was the best looking finish in the bunch. I was tired of black speakers. If you want pictures I can send you photos of the color issue.

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