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Elliott Lester   Audiophile [Nov 08, 1999]

Deep accurate sound, almost as if you were standing
in front of the instrument or device creating the sound


Compact size & efficient design might make some audiophiles snub it--in the bigger has to be better world.

This sub produces accurate [I repeat] accurate, deep, musical bass without the need for major power. In a room 20x20, with an 18 ft high cathedral ceiling, connected through my two front speakers with power from 125 watts per channel –all channels-; NO SUB (front speakers set on Large) digital AC-3/DTS receiver, this sub delivers for both music and for movies. Even when the sub is sitting directly behind, yes behind, (in a corner) my 50 inch Toshiba Theater Vision set.

You actually hear the bass instruments as they sounds on music and get effective punch when watching movies. The kind of punch that adds to the realism, instead of distracting from it (read, the kind that your wife will let you have…).Yes, I know that you can get a sub that goes lower—check out Ohm’s line (they in fact recommend a larger sub for my size room,) but if you want a very cost effective, high quality, easy to place sub that I believe rivals subs that cost 4 times as much, add this sub to your system. It will make any speaker sound better and will add bass to not only your music but to movies as well. Ohm Speaker’s uncanny ability to supply exceptional real sound, in this case deep bass for all types of music (from Classical to Funk) and in addition for digital AC-3 movies is what separates Ohm from the others.

My family and I have been listening to music from Ohm speakers almost daily for the past 22 years— and added this sub, a center speaker and a pair of their Satellites speakers over a year ago when we wanted a Home Theater system. I consider myself an aficionado of both music and movies and would never trade another speaker for my Ohm’s—except maybe for one of Ohm’s Walsh models. One of my neighbors this past weekend, while watching a movie [when you have a 4 year old, weekend movies at home are a must] from our Satellite system—digital optical connection from Satellite receiver to AC3 Stereo receiver-- asked me what was wrong with his system, a Dish TV system like mine—the sound “did not sound as real.” And, this was not the first time a neighbor has generously commented on my system

Get real, don’t pay for some retailers profit when instead you can purchase direct from the folks who design and build the speakers. As Ohm says, “Good Listening”

Similar Products Used: Auditioned both at store and in home 12 other sub sytems
prior to purchase. Don't try this at home--subs are heavy!
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