NHT U2 Subwoofers

NHT U2 Subwoofers 


The entire U2 system consists of four matched components: two W2 subwoofer enclosures with individual bass drivers, the A1 Monaural Amplifier, and the X1 Active Crossover. The W2 cabinets feature 12" woofers in compact 14" cubes, each delivering bass


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[Jun 21, 2010]
Audio Enthusiast

I have been listening to my new NHT U2 system for about a week now and I feel compelled to write a review on it. There weren't many reviews available when I was shopping so I hope this helps others. First, I am no professional, however, I do enjoy and appreciate great fidelity and balance. About a year ago I was able to start fresh and purchase a whole new system for a family room/entertainment area that was added onto my home. I went with a Marantz SR6003 as my AV pre-amp control unit with main power coming from a Rotel 1075 multi-channel amp. For my front mains and center I bought NHT Classic 3 series speakers while using legacy Klipsch speakers as my rears. Finally came the bass. At the time, I had listened to a couple of different subs; Polk, Velodyne, JBL and Klipsch - all brands I had used in the past, and ultimately chose the Polk PSW505 due to the great sound, value, and reviews. After having my system for a few months, I felt like most everything sounded great for me except for the bass. Though it was deep and worked great for movies, it lacked the musical element that I was after. Could have been the setttngs and/or the acoustics of the room but I couldn't for the life of me get the balance I was after. After a few more months, it started to bother me more and more so here we are.

Enter the NHT Classic Evolution U2 system. I had been eyeing the set for quite sometime and ultimately pulled the trigger on it after NHT put it on clearance a month or so ago. The set is a tad bit more elaborate than your normal powered sub, as it includes two individual 12" subs (in really small boxes I might add) with crossover and mono amp units to match. After connecting everything and firing up some music the difference was IMMEDIATELY noticeable. Either my old sub just sucked or the U2 is simply fantastic. I think the latter is true. The first thing I noticed was that tonal balance of the bass was absolutely superb. When listening to music, the various bass notes were delivered in smooth fashion, with outstanding clarity. I heard no indications of bottoming out on deep notes and no muddyness on mid bass. With my previous subs I have always felt that regular old bass drum hits never sounded quite right. They were either too deep or muddy and never right to my ears. In my opinion this is the best bass reproduction I have ever heard from any of my systems, hands down. Also, I'm not saying any of this because I just paid a crap load of money for it. I would be the first to tell you if it didn't sound right. It just sounds downright perfect and if you are in search of a new sub or have been thinking of this set, go ahead and buy. You won't be disappointed.

Other things worth mentioning are:
-Having two subs on opposite sides of the room makes a huge difference. My listening area is somewhat wide at 25', with approx 18' depth and 25' ceilings. Prior to adding this setup, listeners sitting on the side opposite to my sub placement would get limited bass effect due to an acoustic dead spot. Now, the sound is equal no matter where you are sitting in the room.
-The finish on the speakers is beautiful. Piano black lacquer with a shiny clearcoat that is stunning.
-Crossover unit really helps you customize the sound for rooms that are hard to match (like mine)
-The mono amp has some good punch and detail at any and all volume levels
-Sealed enclosure of the subs eliminates some of the port feedback you get with some other ported subs

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