Mirage Loudspeakers OM-200 Subwoofers

Mirage Loudspeakers OM-200 Subwoofers 


  • Omnipolar design
  • Two 8" titanium-polypropylene hybrid drivers
  • 200W (800W peak) amplifier
  • MDF cabinet
  • High-level and low-level inputs


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[Aug 30, 2020]


I’ve been a die hard fan and collector of the made in Canada era Mirage speakers as long as I’ve been into home theater which is about 12 years now. I do love my pair of OMD-28’s & OMD-15’s but besides those two models all the made in China stuff is garbage if you ask me. Anyways, I started with a pair of Omni 260 towers, CCB1 center channel and FX surrounds I got off Craigslist for $250 on a whim and ever since then I’ve acquired over 15 pairs of Mirage speakers from the unicorn M1’s to the OM-6’s up to the OMD-28’s. I’ve had all of their subwoofers from the PS 10”/12” series, the LF100 8” & LF150 10” series, their Omni S8 8” and Omni S10 10” as well as the garbage pretend subwoofer that is the MM6 & MM8. I’ve never been impressed by any of the subwoofer offerings Mirage had and have always stuck with pairs or sets of 4 from companies like SVS, HSU Research, Sunfire and Velodyne and lately a pair of the new JL Audio’s. I never wanted to take the leap and spend an average of $300-$400 for a used subwoofer online that retailed for $1,00 but I came across an auction for a mint condition rosewood unit that I ended up paying $146.50 for shipped to my door. I figured for less than $150 you can’t find a halfway decent subwoofer anyway so it’s worth a shot. Let me tell you right now, I was and still at absolutely blown away even after two weeks of ownership. I was concerned about it using a pair of small 8” woofers but once again Andrew Welker has come through with some of his black magic and the OM-200 creates usable bass into the 15hz region in my room. The specs state it has a -3dB point of 20hz but REW measured the -3dB point in my specific room at 14hz! This is INSANE for a subwoofer using a porter pair of 8” woofers and a mere 200 watt RMS amplifier. Using REW & the RTA time aligning, level matching and placement was a breeze but I do have to say my Denon AVR still did an excellent job with Audyssey XT32 & SUB EQ HT. This subwoofer is a no brainer in terms of purchasing one. A few days ago I purchased 4 new old stock OEM amplifiers & transformers as well as 4 pairs of OEM Mirage woofers all new old stock from a guy in Canada. As you can see I plan on running the OM for many years to come, it has no issues keeping up with $2,000 subwoofers and it looks great doing it


None that I could find.

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