KLH E-10DS Subwoofers

KLH E-10DS Subwoofers 


10" 100-Watts Down-Firing Powered Subwoofer


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[Sep 15, 2003]
Audio Enthusiast


Inexpensive, nice compliment if you already have high quality speakers for the rest of your surround sound system. For $80 you also get auto on/off and it works great for both music and movies. However, if you send all the bass output to this sub, it will not sound great. It just doesn't have the power.


If you need to send all the bass output to this sub, it will not sound great. It just doesn't have the ability to handle it, even if I tell the receiver that the center channel speaker is small and it redirects the bass intended for center channel to sub, the sub sounds horrible. Make sure you have confidence in your other speakers.

This is my fist subwoofer. Purchased a Sony 6.1 surround sound receiver a few months back which got me into building up a surround sound system, added 5 Infinity Entra speakers (still need rear channel), but very much needed a sub to fill out the low ends. I live in a 1100 sq ft townhome. I needed a nice full sound, not necessarily loud, just full. I was toying with buying a $250 plus sub cause I didn't want to waste my money on a smaller sub, but when I listened to them at CC, BB, those types of places, the only feel I could get was how LOUD they were, with sales people doing the demo that really couldn't give a crap. I was never able to get a demo at lower volumes. I also didn't want to go to low on wattage, and was slightly afraid that 100w would be too low. I'll admit when I saw this sub at costco for $80, I bought it on a whim. I was actually driving to best buy to demo a 75w Sony sub for $100. I never made it cause I found this and took a chance without hearing it. I'll say this. Does it blow the roof off? Not even close. Does it fill out the sound? For sure. My center channel and main front speakers have 5.5" bass drivers so I still send bass output to them. This doesn't force me to use the sub to get all the bass sound I want. I have it set to half volume and it is a very nice compliment to fill out the sound. My overall quality test was this. I installed it, had my wife sit down to listen to some music, and had her tell me if she noticed a difference. She said not really, it is just a little louder than normal. Then I cut the sub's power. That is when she noticed a difference. Ah, it isn't louder, it just sounds more full. I that is what I was lookng for. Not boomy, just better at covering the lows.

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