JBL PS1400 Subwoofers

JBL PS1400 Subwoofers 


14" Aquaplas cone woofer, 400W amplifier, 4" edge-wound copper voice coil, 28Hz-130Hz (-6dB), 80lb.


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[Jul 02, 2004]
Audio Enthusiast


Clean, powerful amp Agile 14" driver Octagonal enclosure Linearity and smoothness Responsive, dramatic sound Configuration flexibility Integration into Performance Series system


Auto on/off

This civilized beast is part of the JBL Performance Series, which is usually sold by authorized JBL dealers who carry the Synthesis custom install line. It is intended to work in conjunction with the PT800 tower and PC600 center. Four PT800s, two PS1400s and a PC600 center comprise a basic 5.1 Performance Series system; add two more PT800s and you've got 7.1. The PS1400 has one big 14” Aquaplas driver, two front facing Freeflow ports, and a 400W amp in an eight sided enclosure. It also has a unique dock for the PT800 on top. The dock is covered if not in use. There are four spiked feet. The PS1400 is a powerful athlete: strong, fast, responsive, agile, and balanced. It has a feeling of presence and detail that reveals the lower octaves of music in a realistic and convincing manner. As part of a HT system, the PS1400 does very well at rattling glass, shaking furniture, and rumbling floors without distortion, buzz, or bottoming out. This speaker does not seem to need much breaking in. It was ready go go right out of the box, although it does sound even better over time. As I stated above, this has a 400W internal amp, and the driver responds very enthusiastically to the power. It easily drives to 100db SPL, with no signs of fatigue or stress. The amp can either be manually controlled, or it can be set to auto on and off. Sometimes it turns off during extended low volume passages in music or movies, and that can be annoying. I set mine up to be always one, then connected the power controller to a 12 volt trigger from my pre/pro. Problem solved. There are several configuration possibilities with the PS1400/PT800 docked, and there are simple, useful controls on the back to get the most out of it. Docking is relatively simple, and all needed parts are included with the sub. This entire Performance Series system is a terrific solution for those of us who love great music and great HT. It has the stones to handle whatever music you throw at it with great control, clarity, and realism. Yet, it also delivers the goods with the hyperactive, super-real, wildly dynamic demands of DD and DTS movies. I'm a believer. After much research, auditioning, and searching, I chose this over more expensive alternatives, and it wasn't a matter of money. This JBL speaker line is worth more than it costs, and if you can actually find one to buy, give it very, very serious consideration.

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