HSU Research STF-3 Subwoofers


Powered bass-reflex subwoofer, ±2dB at 25Hz, 12" driver, 300W amplifier, On/Auto/Off power switch, continuously variable 30-90Hz bypassable crossover at 24dB/octave rolloff, 0/180° phase toggle switch, removeable power cord, 22"H x 15"W x 23"D, shipping weight 78 lbs.

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bigguynhti   Audio Enthusiast [Jul 26, 2010]

My STF-3 is used equally for home theater and music, and performs exceptionally well on both counts. I'm surprised that Hsu Research discontinued this sub, because it's a solid step up from the STF-2 (which I also own and use in my den system, and is an excellent sub in its own right), but the STF-3 has greater output, and will play even deeper than the STF-2, as would be expected. Another thing I really like about the
STF and VTF Hsu subs is their shape, which is narrow in width, and can be pretty neatly tucked into places where a cube just won't fit.

My listening room is large and opens onto a kitchen and dining room, but the STF-3 pressurizes the 4,500 cubic feet really well when called upon to do so. Its BASH amplifier has plenty of reserve power, and the 12" driver (which probably accounts for at least a third of the sub's total weight) delivers the goods in spades. Michael Murray's pipe organ performances on Telarc have exceptional low-frequency response, and if you like movies with a strong bottom end, watch and listen to the Blu-ray DVD of "Terminator Salvation": chapters 9 and 10 will rattle the china and massage your kidneys. Wow! In my room, the STF-3 plays powerfully down to the lower limits of hearing, and goes into the infrasonic region with great authority too.

I'm really surprised that this sub hasn't been reviewed previously, because it's the real deal, and typical of Hsu Research, a truly exceptional piece of gear for very little money. I recently purchased a HSU VTF-III (which I'll review in detail after I've had sufficient time with it in my system), and it just seemed important to praise the STF-3 for anyone looking for a really terrific sub on the used market. If you get a chance to buy one, do so. You won't regret it.

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