Bag End D18E-I Subwoofers

Bag End D18E-I Subwoofers 


  • Frequency Response: 8 Hz to 95 Hz +/-3 dB
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB SPL 80 Hz


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[Jun 22, 2010]
Audio Enthusiast

I have 4 of these, and I used two in a large church building and they were more than enough, I like it loud too..
could really feel bass.. One draw back to these is the sound pressure levels are lower than most subs.. So you need more of these to have equal spl's.. But they sound good, you just need a lot if you want to be blown out of your seat.. I soon will be using all 4 live, I hope they can dish it out, because they will be driven like never before.. Also, the 1500 seating capacity church building that I used 2 of them in, may have liked bass frequency. This is something else to consider.. But when it came to kick you in the face kick drum, I think is where the lack of strong spl's is evident.. I ran kick drum through the subs and the mackie sa1232's and that really helped put the kick in the kick drum.. I thought about different subs just for kick drums and these for bass and synth bass, so thats where I am at now... If you like hi fidelity low end, well then these are great, but if you are looking for kick you in the gut kick drum high spl, then no. Currently I have a live smaller event coming up, where I will be having super deep kick drum, like metallica is famous for.. I used to listen to them, thankfully not anymore.. But I will never forget there bass drum sound, was my favorite. And I have successfully replicated it with these subs and some eaw tops.. But it wont be a large enough arrangement to where I will be turning it up to the max, and again, only using two.. But I do like there light weight and size compared to others for moving around too...

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