B&W ASW875 Subwoofers


  • Class-D with switch mode power supply
  • Power Output: 1000W
  • Rated power consumption: 150W
  • Input Impedance: 33 kohms

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gflip88   AudioPhile [Nov 02, 2005]

Incredibly powerful and accurate base. Integrates great with other B&W speakers (the crossovers work like they should -- not the case in many other subs). Sonic perfection. Beautiful appearance and built like a tank.


Big, and very heavy. Expensive! Will get you evicted from most communities. Will scare animals a block away. May damage foundation.

This is a review of the B&W ASW855 -- there's no section for it, and the 875 isn't released yet. They are both similar (the 875 is the 855 plus equalization). This is the ultimate subwoofer, and I've tried many others. It has a very smooth response curve in my room, and I can't detect any distortion or boominess at any frequency -- down to 12.5hz! I actually have two of these in my system, because my room is gigantic. But I started with just one, and that was an amazing experience (that's why I bought another -- you just can't help yourself!). I've got a Velodyne SPL-1200 providing low base to my surround speakers -- it wasn't accurate enough to use in an LFE channel (and the Velodynes don't have a very smooth response curve -- I've also owned the F1500s which had the same problem). A friend with an expensive system containing a Sunfire True Subwoofer came over to hear music and movies (I've had the Sunfire sub before -- it doesn't have a smooth enough response curve for me, and it has some distortion). He thought he had a fantastic system before listening to mine. Now he's saving up for a B&W 855! I measured the response curve with Stereophile Test CD 2's test tones. This sub is rock solid down to 16hz (it's actually +3db at 16hz! -- probably due to the room). It has substantial energy at 12.5hz (down about 8db). I've got some organ music which practically tears the whole room to bits. This sub integrates seamlessly, magically with my B&W 801s. Some movie scenes top out at the listening position at nearly 120db! I have never heard a store demo or movie theater that can touch this performance. If you can afford to play, this is the only one to consider.

Similar Products Used: Sunfire, NHT, Velodyne, Infinity.
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