B&W ASW CDM Subwoofers


  • Active closed-box subwoofer system
  • Dimensions Height: 392mm (15.4 in) not including removable spike feet
  • Width: 396mm (15.6 in)
  • Depth: 490mm (19.3 in) including grille and controls
  • Allow extra 50mm (2 in) clearance at rear for ventilation
  • Net Weight 32.5kg / 72 lb
  • Freq. Response -3dB 20Hz - 31/110Hz adjustable (EQ at A)
  • Freq. Range -6dB at 15Hz and 40/140Hz adjustable (EQ at A)

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TWag   Audio Enthusiast [Jul 21, 2004]

Solid construction, beautiful finish, solid rubber interchangeable feet. Incredibly strong. Don't need two subs when this is in your room


Sensitive to placement and poor cables, so think it through and don't go cheap on the cables.

This sub is matched with two 7NT's, CDMCNT, and 601 s3 for the rear. I wasn't even considering this sub because of the initial price, but since I bought it at the discontinued price, I'm glad I did. It definately exceeds the $1000 subs that I tested like Velodyne, Klipsch, Energy, Polk and Infinity, but most of us are not going to spend $2000 on a sub. It's what you call diminished returns. I was in the right place at the right time and I got a new ASWCDM at 1000W for about $100 more than my second choice: B&W ASW-675 at 500W(a no-brainer). The sub is way more than I need, so I have it turned down to '3-4' to match the rest of the levels. This setting is calibrated by both ear and auto-calibration microphones by both Yamaha and Classe. The delivery is transparent which justifies the extra expense. The sub is sensitive to both excessive volume and lower quality connections. Going from the Monster to the Audioquest cable not only strengthened the signal quality but also increased the volume by almost 6db. This sub requires more monitoring as it is so strong for a typical living room. When playing it in an fully enclosed 'ideal' room, it pulses through the room and your body raising the hair on your arms and neck at volume '3'. If your considering this sub, the only sub that I found to be a better performer was a Revel B15 which was another $1500. Everybody has their limits.

Similar Products Used: B&W CDM Series speakers, Classe SSP-60, Earthquake Cinenova 5 channel amp, Audioquest cables, Denon DVD player
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