B&W AS1 Subwoofers


  • Power Output: 85W continuous
  • Rated Power Consumption: 120W
  • Input Impedance: 100k ohms
  • Signal Noise: 94dB
  • Functions: Volume level - Bass roll-off alignment
  • Inputs: Line In (RCA Phono)
  • Speaker level In (spring clips)

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Paulbwatertownct   Audio Enthusiast [Sep 20, 2012]

I have three B&W systems setup using AS1 subs; my office and my listening room have B&W LM1 speakers paired with a Qinpu A6000 tube amps rated at 16 watts and the sound is lovely. Here I listen to music only and find the AS1s a perfect match. I especially like the top mounted adjustments and power switch (as auto power off is not present). This AS1 in my office recently replaced a Sunfire SD8S which was a fine and more powerful sub, however it tended to need constant adjustment to keep it from overpowering the small room. Reaching behind the Sunfire to adjust it got old. The AS1 in my listening room replaced a B&W ASW500 for similar reasons to the Sunfire.

My HT is my third setup and includes a pair of LM1 in the rear and a trio of VM1s up front along with an AS1 connected to a Yamaha RXV795a amp. Great sound without overpowering bass. I sold off my B&W CC6S2 center and ASW600 sub which had been part of this system in order to reduce the overall footprint of my system and have a more balanced sound.

The great sound, compact size, good looks, and easy adjustment of the AS1 makes it a winner. Coupled with either the LM1s or VM1s I get constant compliments on the sound. I also like the top mounted power switch as my tube amps don't have a switched power source like the Yamaha amp. One more thing to note is that my listening rooms are all fairly small in size which is probably why I like these units so much and why the larger subs may have been too much.

Minor complaints: the sub only has a single RCA input (a pair of in and outs would be great). The speaker connects use cheap spring loaded connectors versus the nicer binding posts on B&Ws ASW series subs. The crossover adjustment is a button marked music/movie which selects either 75 or 100 Hz. A dial would have been nicer but overall the button is fine.

I purchased all three of these AS1 subs used as they are no longer made, they replaced the one Sunfire and two B&W subs mentioned above which were all purchased new.

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