Polk Audio AB 755 Inwall Speakers

AB 755

High performance in-wall loudspeaker

  • Dynamic Balance® driver components for wide response and low distortion
  • Wide dispersion design provides even sound coverage throughout the room
  • Rotating cam mounting system is the fastest and easiest installation system; there's no pre-assembly. Just go from the box into the wall
  • 5-way binding post inputs provide the most secure speaker wire connection
  • May be painted to blend in with any wall
  • Rough-in kit available for new construction (rough-in kit not needed for installation in existing walls)
  • Moisture resistant materials allow safe use in bathrooms, saunas and under eaves outdoors

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Mike   Audio Enthusiast [Apr 30, 2001]

Decent bass response for a free-air design, high power handling, easy cam-mounting system (as long as you stay clear of wall studs which I failed to do!)


Midrange is clear but a bit too strong

These are really nice speakers, but I'm not sure I'd pay full price ($350-400) for them. I'm using them as space-saving, inconspicuous in-wall surround speakers. They are the only ones I could find that had good-to-very-good frequency response and power handling, but I think the low 32Hz figure is well below the 3db rolloff. They are mounted directly to the sides of my viewing spot, but elevated 2-3 feet from seated ear level. I auditioned them at Circuit City alongside a pair of Infinity RS-5's (which I have as mains) and they sounded very well matched, but they don't sound as close in my room. The Infinitys have very clear but mellow midrange, and the Polks are much stronger, even harsh (but still clear). This actually creates an interesting harmony when listening to music in 5-channel mode, but it doesn't sound quite right when watching DVDs. Then again, this review is about the AB-755, not my entire system and how it works together.

Bottom line, these are some of the best in-wall speakers I've heard. They work well as surrounds, but could do OK as mains too as long as you have a subwoofer too. I have the Polk PSW350 subwoofer and it helps the rest sound great!

BTW, I'm giving it 4 stars for value based on my purchase price. I'd even be tempted to give it 5 because you won't find another in-wall speaker this capable for $200, but on the other hand I'd only give it 3 stars at full price (which is what you'll most likely pay it CC or Crutchfield).

Similar Products Used: I've auditioned others, like NHT and B&W.
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