Mirage Loudspeakers OMD-15 Home Theater Speaker Systems


  • Ribbed Elliptical Surround
  • Biwirable, biampable
  • Decoupling spikes or rubber feet

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lorenzoboy   AudioPhile [Jul 13, 2011]

These are excellent speakers for the money. I run them bi-wired, and augmented by a subwoofer. My room is 13Wx20Lx8H.

SOUNDSTAGE: Huge and holographic. Extends beyond the side-speaker boundaries, and, on the right recording, has great depth, going beyond my rear wall. Great soundstage height too. Great with large orchestral and choral works (Brahms, Mahler, Stravinsky). Really captures the hall/venue ambiance. Great with movies and rock-concert blu-rays. On the right recording you get a wrap-around surround effect without surround speakers.

Note: Soundstage is dependent on placement and wall treatment--I have them about 2 ft from back wall and 3ft from side walls. If you have a bright-sounding room, you might want to dampen the walls partially with fabric or room treatments. I've found that spacing FLOR colored carpet tiles sparingly on the wall behind the speakers, in a graphic pattern, is both aesthetically and acoustically pleasing. I use four tiles (about 18" square each), in a horizontal row, spaced 4" apart, about 6-8" above speaker height. I just tack them to the wall with a small finishing nail in each corner. The carpet pile hides the nail heads. Aesthetically, these tiles work well especially if you have modern or contemporary decor. You can buy them online.

IMAGING: Very good. Not electrostatic pinpoint and razorsharp, but you can clearly "see" the outlines of performers and instruments .More like the imaging you hear in real life, like at a concert hall or live music venue.

TREBLE: Smooth, sweet, and yet detailed. No listener fatigue here. Don't worry that the tweeters are metal drivers. No metallic coloration.

MIDRANGE: Palpable and rich. No etch. Voices sound uncannily lifelike on the right recording. Voicing is just right: neither too recessed nor too forward.

BASS: Pretty good for the size, but not subterranean. Goes down to upper 30Hz in my room. Good and lively mid-bass punch. Drums sound great. I augment the bass with a Hsu Research VTF-2 Mk3 subwoofer, which blends nicely.

DYNAMICS: Excellent and clean. Will play very loud without strain. Rock, both acoustic and electronic, sound really good. No problem here pounding out action-movie soundtracks, like "The Dark Knight". Good micro dynamics also.

TRANSPARENCY: Very good. When I swapped out my old Marantz CD-67SE transport for my Sony SACD player (feeding the MSB Link DAC III), I was able to hear the improvement easily. Same goes for swapping out Audioquest Cobra interconnects for Kimber Hero wires between the pre-am and amp..

WEAKNESSES: Not many, but if you want hyper-detailed and etched imaging, these probably aren't for you. But to my ears they sound more like what I hear when I go to live concerts. The right balance of ambiance and imaging. The bass could go deeper, but for this size, it's impressive. You can always spend more and buy the OMD-28, which goes down to 18 Hz, or, like me, add a subwoofer.

Buy them! They're on sale at Vanns. A great deal.

Associated Equipment:
Bryston 4B ST Amp
PS Audio PCA-2 Pre-Amp
Sony DVP-NS999 ES SACD player
MSB Link DAC III w/half-Nelson upgrade and separate power supply
Musical Fidelity X-10D v3 tube buffer
Hsu Research VTF-2 Mk3 subwoofer
Sony BDP-S470 Blu Ray player
Kimber Hero interconnects
Audioquest Bedrock speaker cables, Bi-wired

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