JWIN JS-P601 Speaker System Home Theater Speaker Systems

JWIN JS-P601 Speaker System Home Theater Speaker Systems 


This compact system packs a whopping audio punch with a built-in 6 channel power amplifier, shielded subwoofer and more. A 2 channel stereo line input jack lets you connect all your auxillary devices like your DVD player. Start getting more from your home theater experience!


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[Apr 15, 2009]
Donna Free
Audio Enthusiast

Okay when I was doing the research on this model I wasn't sure what I was going to get ... some pictures showed it with a dvd player some didn't. I wasn't familiar with this type of home theater system, I thought they all came with a receiver. For those of you that were confuse as I was I will break it down.
When you buy the unit you will get a sub-woofer with 5 speakers ... all the controls (4) are on the sub-woofer ... there is one for controlling the volume on the sub-woofer, a volume control for the front speakers, one for the center speaker and volume control for the back speakers ... and of course the on-off switch.
There is no remote control for this unit ...
Apparently you hook this system up to a dvd player ... now if your dvd player has a 5 channel hook up ... you can get the surround sound ... if not ... you can set it for a 2 channel input ... It has a built in amplifier ...
I have this system hooked up in my bedroom to a Sansui 19 inch HDTV ...and a Toshiba dvd player with the 5.1 channel output and let me tell you the sound is fantastic! If you are going to use this in a small room it will do the job in a big way! Since the room is small I don't mind not having a remote ... the sound quality was more important and this home theater system does the job. I don't have the speakers mounted on the wall but I'm sure if I did the sound would be even better. The speakers come with wire, but my guess would be you would need more to wall mount in the traditional manner.
If you can overcome the lack of a remote ... if your on a budget ... I paid $57 to the door ... and are the type that wants the sound with the picture ... this is the system for you.
I can't attest to its durability ... I've only had it for a couple of months ... but so far ... no problems ... :)

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