Canton Ergo 610 Speaker (pair, Cherry) Speaker System Home Theater Speaker Systems

Canton Ergo 610 Speaker (pair, Cherry) Speaker System Home Theater Speaker Systems 


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[Feb 04, 2011]
Audio Enthusiast

I feel compelled to write a review about these speakers as I had a hard time finding out anything about them until I had them hanging on my wall. And, there are no dealers in my area that have these or any other decent wall mounted speakers set up for audition.

Let me start by describing the rest of my set up:
Creek 5350SE - Integrated Amp
Creek CD53 - CD Player
Musical Fidelity - V-DAC (used for USB DAC only, DAC on CD53 is better for CD play-back)
REL Stampede - Subwoofer

The Ergo 610's have now been installed as the main speakers in this system as a replacement for my Tyler Acoustics Taylo Ref Monitors. Anyone who knows the Taylos will think I'm crazy for making this move, and you're right this does represent a downgrade in every way but practicality. The fact of the matter is that it's impossible to keep the exposed drivers of the Taylos out of reach of the curious children's fingers and god only knows if there are legos and other foreign objects now permanently residing inside the speakers having gained access through the bass reflex ports. There may again be a time in life for non-distracted and critical music listening but for the time being I'm willing to accept a certain degree of comprimise.

So about the speakers, they're decent. They will not be the last stop in my ever evolving system but they're quite satisfying for most situations. They're a bit on the bright side without being harsh. Imaging could be better but I think that has more to do with my wall placement (a bit too far apart) and the fact that they can't be toed in to the listening position. Don't believe the Canton rating on the bass output. They claim 40Hz at the bottom end but my subjective rating is that anything that they're putting out at that level is so weak that it shouldn't be counted. This is a sealed box speaker which is more adept at producing percussion than extended bass notes. If they're pushed in this direction they tend to emit a somewhat unpleasant droning instead of tuneful bass notes. I wouldn't even consider using them without a good subwoofer. With a sub the 610's are relieved of bass duties making for an overall more musical presentation. The REL Stampede is fast and precise allowing it to integrate well. At the moment I have the cut-off set at 65Hz which works well to create a seamless truly full range set-up.

Fit and finish is very good and typical for the Canton Ergo series. They can be mounted with a single screw making installation simple. There are small silicon bumpers that are adhered to the back side to protect the finish and minimized vibration transmission to the wall. The distance to the wall is roughly 2-3mm which rules out thicker speaker cables. I suppose one could get bigger bumpers if one were so inclined.

I'm currently living in Germany and the on-line price for these speakers is very reasonable. Roughly half of what they cost in the US. At that price point I really have no complaints. I wasn't expecting the perfect speaker and that's what I got. For my current situation though, the ability to get them up and out of harms way takes priority.

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