Axiom Speaker Company Epic 50 Home Theater Speaker Systems

Axiom Speaker Company Epic 50 Home Theater Speaker Systems 


Take a step up from a bookshelf home theater system and get the kind of more realistic dynamics only a tower system can deliver. The Axiom Epic 50 Home Theater Speaker System delivers realistic, center-of-the-action sound in medium-sized rooms. Great for music and movies alike! Featuring the M50 Floorstanding speakers, QS4 Surround Speakers, VP100 Center Channel, and starting with the EP175 Powered Subwoofer. Beautifully finished in Black Oak or Boston Cherry, or over 100 custom finishes available in Axiom's Customize Yours store.


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[Dec 15, 2004]
Audio Enthusiast


Amazinging clear sound with a very cohesive soundstage. Excellent on any movie with extreme detail coming from all channels. Musical reproduction is also amazing. To me, I got a great value from these speakers because they are comparable to many high-end system's I've heard but a bargain at 1800. I have not tried the QS4 rears, but the QS8's have me completely satisfied.


Setting up the subwoofer for the right amount of base has to be acheive through trial and error. You have to adjust frequency, volume and 180degree switch. But once there, you're all set.

I have to admit that I was very skeptical purchasing an unknown (and at the time unheard of) speaker brand from off of the internet without even getting a listen. The only thing I had to go on was word of mouth. Fortunately the word of mouth on these speakers is for the most part excellent and Axiom's customer base seems to be a pretty well-informed group of people. They even have a forum on their website for asking questions! When I first got these speakers I was a little disappointed. Compared to my old stereo they sounded very tinny and high-pitched with not enough low-end grunt. I began running these speakers with my Sony STR-DE965 receiver. Big Mistake. Either my receiver had issues or the speakers were too much for it, either way I was disappointed with the sound. In response I purchased a Denon 2805 receiver to power them. WOW, what a difference. Once everything was configured in the receiver as far as distance, frequency, etc, these receivers began to show their true ability. Everything is perfectly matched and you never notice a switch between center front or rear sound. It blends seemlessly and you can pick up every single detail in any movie track. Friends are blown away when they come over. The main tweaking needed was to adjust the sub to the right amount of volume. The towers don't have very much boom but enough mid that you can feel it. Once you adjust the crossover correctly and the sub kicks in, look out! More than enough bass for all. All in all I could not be more pleased with these speakers. The sound, finish, shipping and dealing with the company were all top-notch and if you're not happy you can always send them back within the 30-day trial window. For anyone looking in this price range (1600-1800) I am not sure you can find a much better system.

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