Zingali Overture 3 Floorstanding Speakers

Zingali Overture 3 Floorstanding Speakers 


  • System Type:Bass Reflex
  • Frequency Response:36 Hz - 21 KHz
  • Nominal Impedence:6 Ohm
  • Sensitivity:93 dB 1m/1W
  • Power RMS1:60 Watts


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[Apr 13, 2005]


Many. Beauty, finish,clarity of sound,effortless reproduction,dynamic and gentle,sweet sweet highs and midrange and effortless deep fast bass.Need hardly any running in.


None really. Only caviat is poor recordings and substandard equipment will be shown up.And they are heavy,but who wants a light weight floorstanding speaker.

Wow-I am the first to review these incredible Speakers here.These Speakers have been with me now for 10 months and I feel I can give an honest opinion now. I have been at this crazy hobby for 20+ years and I had reached a point where I needed a long term (ie. outstanding - expensive) upgrade. I asked the Dealer for advice and what would he buy. Without hesitation Zingali. I then listened to ART Speakers,Proac and ATC also. This was a no brainer. No Speaker I have ever heard in my System plays music that well.I will not get into any descriptive superlatives,only that if you like lifelike,effortless and detailed reproduction-this is the manufacturer not to be ignored.The highs and mids are served by a horn (Omniray technology),and boy are they clear and sweet and is complemented by two compression bass drivers. Mine comes in natural wood and the finish is the best that I have encountered and it is good enough just to sit in silence and marvel at it. If I ever hit the Jackpot I will not swap brands, but just upgrade to the Home Monitor range. The Wife acceptance factor I would put at 100%. These Speakers cry out for Valves( and indeed I use them with Tubes)with 93db and 6ohm across. The overture3 can fill the room even at low volume, but can kick ass if called upon. My Music collection is vast and very varied and the speaker has not let me down- apart from---ah here it goes (not the Speakers fault though)poor recordings and poor equipment further on up the chain. You will need high end partners for these. They are revealing and will let you know. Poor recordings sound what they are-poor. But the good ones(and there are many)glorious and scary lifelike.This speaker takes what ever the music is and flows with it.It never gets in the way of the enjoyment.This is a refined product and I dare say it is not for weekend parties or bass freaks. All I can say if you are in the market for a sensitive floorstanding speaker-miss these and cry.

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