Zingali Home Monitor 112 Floorstanding Speakers

Home Monitor 112

  • Frequency Response: 32 Hz - 20 KHz
  • Nominal Impedence: 8 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 97 dB 1m/1W
  • Crossover Frequency: 900 Hz - 6/12 dB
  • Power RMS: 300 Watts

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l.marchegiani   AudioPhile [Apr 19, 2006]

Already from the first approach of liustening the sound that come off was so natural that I said to myselg: these speakers must be mine!
Now I listen them from more than 2 years and these are my impression: sound is extremely natural, fantastic with human voices (male or female). Instruments like piano, guitar, drum and sax are of an impressive realism. The reproduction of the sound is extremely detailed for any instrument. The frequency range is perfectly balanced, from the deep bass to the highest note (like violin). The stage is deep and wide and rich of micro-details Other important feature are the total absence of hard listening (also after many hours session) and , thanks to efficiency, the possibility to drive them with a few (good!) Watt. This important feature means is not necessary to spend a lot of money on amplification (...you have spent enough to buy loudspeakes!). Actually I am driving them with the following hi-fi chain: Pre-amplifier- Nakamichi CA 7, Luxman CL 32 - Power Amplifier: Pass Aleph 3, Luxman MQ 70 - CD Transport Micromega 3.1, DAC Micromega Duo BS - Cassette Nakamichi ZX 7 and Turntable National SL 110 and Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference with SME II arm.


If I have to found a weakness I can say that higher note, sometimes, are a little bit sharp and cold, not so warm like bass and medium. But this is just a criticism!
My personal suggestion is that if you have to improve your chain changing loudspeakers, try to listen ALSO Zingali Loudpseakers: you'll have a big surprise, believe me!

Before to buy these louspeakers I have changed many of them, starting from AR 10, than Celestion DItton 66 and last Magneplanar 2.5. These last were fantastic loudpseakers from some sides incredible! The weakness are (for me) the reproduction of the bass frequencies; this is one of the reason because I preferred Zingali monitor 112

Customer Service

Used once to repair crossover due to wrong connection. Fast repair and NO CHARGE!

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