Yamaha NS-8900 Floorstanding Speakers

Yamaha NS-8900 Floorstanding Speakers 


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[May 21, 2020]


Its really strong. Clear voice and bass. Quality of the material is nice. The wooden parts, when you touch you feel good.


Its really heavy. And you need strong amplifier.

Price Paid:
[Sep 12, 2008]
Audio Enthusiast


Price range, potential, looks, price, depth of sound stage, price, and in the end , after potential, price


Not so great "out of the box" worth, squeaky higs (crossower is bad), not so great damping, not for people that dont whant to fiddle.... but for that price and potential... these are small

Ok..... lots of faults from the box, boomy base, realy akward positioning in room, but cheap.

On the other hand, POTENTIAL. Small tweaks and this box sings... unfortunately for the tweaks you loose varanty...

1. U REALY need to put this box on some spykes... boomy base is gone out the window with them.
2. Damping and crossower are poor for cabinet of that size. New crossower with better caps and better wiring. Maybe some more damping material.
3. They realy ask a lot of room on the sides, not so much on the back but they must be placed atleast a 1m (1,2ft) away from sidewalls
4. Block of concrete or granit would be a perfec touch underneath these speakers

After all of the modifications (in a workshop not DIY-do it yourself) you realy have a mid class contender for less than a 140$ (100E) worth tweak.

That was my observation... they are worth every penny if you know what you want and how to get it....

Just a point at the end of this rewiew.. my friend owns a Jamo d870 and he was amazed by the quality of presentation of speakers, he didn't know the model or the make (i tweaked the looks too :) ) but he was willing to bet it was an upper class speaker... i loaned them for a month or so and he wasnt dissatisfied even in the end he was " i could own this pair of speakers any day.... realy.... they are just GOOD"

Well that was just mine way of seing this speaker...

Have a nice life.... all of you...

Customer Service

none... never wanted, never neaded one.....

Similar Products Used:

none. all better on paper than this pair but im addicted on these now...

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