Wilson Benesch Discovery Floorstanding Speakers

Wilson Benesch Discovery Floorstanding Speakers 


  • Frequency response: 45Hz to 24kHz +- 2dB
  • Sensitivity: 88dB
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms


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[Dec 16, 2009]

This is one of the most underestmated speakers!
They do everything in the right way.
But..., they do need excellent equipment and the matching is very, very important.
If not, you´re gonna eat your sockings.
On the other hand, if you feed them with the best avalaible, you get only the best you could wish for.
They throw out every detail of a recording with lots of bass, maybe not the really sub sub-bass, but they give you a slam that will blow your socks of.
The reason that some guys are not so satisfied with the disco´s performance, is really nothing else than carefull system-matching, they need the best!
I will not write about the technical specs like their fantastic (and even common used) Scanspeak revelators, as you can find the whole package on the Wilson Benesch and other sites.
They are certainly not my first pair of speakers (as i am an audiophile for yet 20 years or more), but they are the ones that certainly won´t leave my musical cocoon quick...

Thanks for reading my little review.

[Feb 25, 2007]


Powerful sound.
Clean bass, with no smearing.
The ability to clearly hear different threads in the music.
Compact and stylish, the black carbon fibre really looks cool either side of a flat screen tv.


Heavy, get someone to help you unpack.
If choosing a wood finish, check out exactly what it will look like in the home.

This speaker has 3 bass drivers and 1 tweeter, 2 of the bass drivers are in a clamshell arrangement on the bottom. Does this thing rock or what! Whilst the specifications show it to go down to 45Hz those Hz sure are powerful.

Previously I had Sonus Faber Elector Amator 2's which don't lack bass themselves, playing those, my Chord SPM1200C barely ever became warm. With the Disco's the amplifier gets warm and even hot. It has even shutdown a few times, such is the energy these speakers are demanding and putting into the room. With dance music these speakers are clean, poweful and go loud, far louder than anything else I've ever heard. Its club system terretory but without the distortion. Whilst they cost a lot these are well worth it.

Its not all about bass, they clearly separate musical strands, so you can hear more detail.

Customer Service

No experience.

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