Whatmough Monitors Signature 505 Floorstanding Speakers

Signature 505

  • Sensitivity: 91dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
  • High quality Cardas copper terminals
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz to 40kHz ±3dB

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Joseph Figliuolo   Audio Enthusiast [Dec 28, 2007]

A very neutral speaker. Outstanding overall sound, particularly with vocals/mid range. Very efficient speakers that don't need to be turned up loud to sound "better". Will do justice to any excellent system. However, being neutral will easily pick up faults in other components. You will need a very clean source and amplification to hear them at their best. Fantastic sound at any volume.


At $ 15 500 AUD retail they may be out of most people's price range. However, if you want real hi-fi sound have an audition and in particular play your favourite high quality recordings. Poorly recorded music will not sound better, but you will hear everything that was in fact recorded. So save your cheaper system to play your old favourites.

I've been an audio enthusiast since the early '80s (not quite an audiophile as I don't like to spend money unless I can hear more detial in the music). The Whatmough 505 speakers are so good they deserve more reknown. These speakers are for true hi-fi enthusiasts but work equally well as high end home theatre speakers. You will definitely not need a sub-woofer unless you like truly earthquake like sub-audible frequencies. Also they are so well balanced a sub-woofer is redundant for music listening.

Using a plinius CD player and a decent amp (a pathos logos at the moment). I have never been happier. A good friend of mine who has even better dogs ears than me was blown away by the balanced sound the Whatmough 505s provide. I had been auditioning for a system up grade for over two years and nothing under $AUD 24, 000 even came close to satisfying my very sensitive ears. Although I almost bought some very nice European speakers at around 22K the Whatmoughs do everything I expect from "middle", high end speakers. They sound as good as the source. To get any better sound you would have to spend at least double and even then the difference would only be in the very bottom end, less that 35 Hz.
Simply excellent sound no matter what your favourite music genre. I play everything from Baroque to Rock.

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