Verity Audio Sarastro II Floorstanding Speakers

Sarastro II

  • Efficiency of 93 dB @ 2.83 Vrms & 1meter on axis
  • Bandwidth of 20 Hz to 60,000 Hz
  • Ribbon tweeter: Superb proprietary 6" (150mm)
  • Midrange: Superb proprietary 11"

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Dave   AudioPhile [May 03, 2015]

Wtf just happened?

You might be thinking this after listening to this speaker.

If there was a scale from 1-1000 i would set most speakers in the 50-200 area ranging in the 100-50.000 dollar class. This one is so good that I would give it a 900 which is unbelievable good. There a few good speakers like Maarten bird and Vandersteen and of course Audionote SPE/HE and the top signature models.
But I still think that they only range from 400-850 to points.

I constantly see people use this speaker wrong, and therefore don´t hear the really good sound.
(If you want the HIFI show sound with alot of movement and drama, then use it as everybody does;Verity connector and normal cables and units)

But if you really want the Saraestro to perform, then don´t use the Verity connectors!

You have to use 2 sets of top quality wire to the bottom and top speaker terminals. (from amplifier)

I am not talking about bi-wiring, I am talking about 2 sets of single-wire good quality speaker cable.
Most people don´t know that you CAN use a Spade connected speaker cable as one set of cables and a banana plugged cable set from the amplifier to this speaker. (2 sets of speaker cable)

And if you use the same wire as they use internally in the speaker, the 6" unit sound more like a 10" unit. It then feels like the speaker is 2x bigger and you can listen to music without any fatigue. (so much bass and control of the top that you can play a 200 square meter room like it was the royal albert hall)

Most people won´t believe how much depth these beast have.
And the Ribbon tweeters are just out of this world, totally disentegrating the traditional B&W diamand tweeter that a lot of people like. (If you like that to almost the same price in the top models, then listen to this!)

This speaker sounds good with almost every piece of gear you can find that is why I gave it such a high score, but especially they good with top Yba gear, Acoustic Plan Sitar, top Nagra and top Spectral and Audionote gear.
I would rank this speaker in the top 5 category in the world!
And I would also rank the Top Audionote speaker in that category, but that is more for people who wants the sound to be more natural

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