Tyler Acoustics System 5 Floorstanding Speakers

Tyler Acoustics System 5 Floorstanding Speakers 


A 2-way, 6-1/2" Kevlar mid/bass and 1" textile dome tweeter bass-reflex design.


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[Feb 22, 1999]
Donald J. Winslow
an Audiophile

Being as though I am a high-end audio dealer, I am always interested in new products on the market - especially speakers. When I had come across a link to Tyler Acoustics (from one of the audio newsgroups), I at once visited the website to do a little browsing.
I had done some business with Mr. Lashbrook (the owner) awhile back, purchasing a used pair of Digital Phase AP-4 loudspeakers (http://www.mindspring.com/~dgpow/ap4.htm) from him. He was always a pleasure to talk with and he had done a very fine job shipping them across the country in very fine shape. This experience gave me an excellent impression of him as a person.

With that said, when I found out that he was a manufacturer of high-end speakers (and audio furnature, etc.), I wanted to audition try his products out to see if whether I might want to pick up his line - since he was such a pleasure to communicate with in the past. So, I had him send me his entry-level speaker system - dubbed the System 5.

Within a couple of weeks he had them built from scratch in the finish of my choice -real cherry veneer (very nice finish BTW)- and delivered to my door in great condition.

When I took them out of their perspective boxes, of course the first thing I noticed was the furnature-quality exterior finish. Highly polished with excellent fit-and-finish for this price point. These speakers are built solid (and heavy, 40 pounds each!) and so were the grilles. The drives were of the quality seen in $2k per pair speakers - not to mention that in the rear you get dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts for bi-wiring (which I recommended).

Okay, the sound. These speakers are very well mannered. Soundstaging is excellent, bass is harmonic, though not terribly extended (not any less than what you would come to expect from a minimonitor), highs are sweet and extended. Though they don't compare, to say, Merlin TSM-SEs ($2,300/pr.), they are very competitive with most $1k minimonitors.

To sum it up with the question, "Do I like these speakers?" Let's just say, I am in the process of picking up this line.

SIDE THOUGHT: I had ordered a pair of TAs stands for a customer who wanted some high-quality stands and couldn't afford to pay almost $500 for a pair of Osiris stands (see Soundstage at http://www.soundstage.com/rise22.htm). They came in about a week or so later, custom-built to the size of his speakers and were (for $199/pr.) extremely well built, with brass floor spikes and point plated to protect if you're using the stands on a bare floor. I am impressed with this product and the manufacturer. 'Nuff said!

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