Tekton Design KatZ Meow Floorstanding Speakers

KatZ Meow

The KatzMeow is a strictly utilitarian design that is compatible with all amplifier topologies. They offer true resolution, high definition, wide bandwidth, high sensitivity, and incredibly low distortion. Effortless speed and detail… the product of a massive high Bl motor driving 17.3 grams of total moving mass! Precise acoustic time alignment, true 40Hz – 50Khz frequency response, (30Hz) in-room extension, 96dB average 1W/1m (full-band width) sensitivity, A perfectly benign 8 Ohm impedance. 3 Watt minimum, 100 Watt nominal input.

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Abacus Music   AudioPhile [Jan 27, 2014]

I bought these speakers after speaking to Eric Alexander at Tekton. I was looking for speakers to go with my 2A3 SET tube amplifier.
These speakers sound excellent for their price - the bass is better than my Zu Omen or Omega Super 8, Audax Gold tweeter provides plenty of "shimmer".

Speakers are fast and dynamic. Having listened to single full range driver speakers and SET amps I was getting used to the idea that rock or other bass heavy music is beyond the scope of equipment capabilities - Tekton makes a correction to that notion.

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