Tannoy Eyris 2 Floorstanding Speakers

Tannoy Eyris 2 Floorstanding Speakers 


  • Flagship hi-fi speaker
  • Accliamed Dimension range
  • Rear effects and a centre channel speaker
  • Hi-fi or home theatre systems


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[Apr 28, 2019]


I bought these speakers on impulse after a brief listen. At the time I owned a pair of B & W Matrix speakers. At home following a lengthy A - B comparison I surprised myself by deciding to keep the Eyris 2 and sell the B & W!! I just love the sound of these speakers, clear and dynamic with excellent natural, even bass and best of all a wonderful unforced valve like quality, no digital harshness despite having a metal tweeter. In my opinion a beautifully integrated pair of speakers; they may not be perfect but then nothing is. As Gilbert Briggs (Wharfedale) once said, 'if someone ever manages to grow the perfect tomato will it have lost all its flavour?'


Detailed even dynamic sound. Excellent bass response, great build quality and good looks. The shape stops my wife from standing flowers on top of them. No complaints at all.

[May 28, 2010]
Audio Enthusiast

Hei man..Don't be silly. You can't judge this speakers if you have no patience. These Eyris' need to be carefully matched with the right amp..
I coupled them with an arcam alpha 9, but the bass sounded dull, dry.. I didnt like it.
Then I tried an arcam alpha 6 plus: much better. Sound became wormer, bass rather powerul, clare midrange and a sweet tweeter.
But my speakers chenged completely when I matched the legend.. Musical fidelity A1.
So kind a polite tannoys became able to handle with rock perhaps better then with lirical music.. They woke up in a manner hardly to belive: not the best defined high band, of course, but lots of power, dynamics. The bass is at the same time powerfull and controlled, as fat as i like it. Clear midbrand, but not so clear like proac one. Overall sound involving.. And you can listen for hours without becoming tired.
Great loudspeaker. Trust me. But you need to waste some time to make them sounding like they really can.

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