Tangent SR-500 Floorstanding Speakers


  • Twin 250mm woofers
  • 130mm dedicated midrange driver
  • 25mm soft dome tweeters
  • High frequency effects

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bearmans44   Casual Listener [Dec 10, 2010]

I can't describe myself as an audiophile but just less than a year ago, I pieced together a home theater system buying used peces on Craigslist and doing my homework specifically looking for user reviews on each piece I was interested in. Audio Review seemed to be the best source as well as amazon.com.

Now just recently, I was interested in upgrading what I had put together and was really interested in the Klipsch brand. When I saw someone advertising the Klipsch Tangent 500's and saw there was virtually no reviews out there, I was kind of skeptical and also researching these speakers were only made from way back in 1991 to 1993 and wondering what kind of output I can expect from them.

Many acoustic items can have a lot of variables if it will sound good with your system including the receiver, cabling, configuration of space it lies in, etc. The Klipsch Tangent 500's are very much a full range speaker that has a tweeter for the highs, speaker for the mids, and a 2 12" subs. The sensitivity level of 97 db on these speakers makes it a very powerful speaker meaning you don't have to have your receiver volume level very high to get quite a bit of very power sound to come out. Not to mention that the sounds are very crisp and very clear. It also has 150 watts of continuous power and 750 watts peek power.

These speakers are now my fronts and have moved my Acoustic Research 318ps to the rear speakers. http://www.audioreview.com/cat/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/acoustic-research/ar-318ps/PRD_119004_1594crx.aspx
These speakers also really rocked and made my home theater what it was but they have now moved to being the surrounds to complete an amazing home theater experience.

I guess to summarize, don't let their age fool you. if you have a chance to get a pair of these, don't pass up the opportunity if you can get them at a reasonable price

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