Spendor ST Floorstanding Speakers


  • Enclosure type: Spendor linear flow reflex
  • Crossover point: 700 Hz, 4 kHz
  • Frequency response: 47 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3dB anechoic
  • Impedance: 8 ohms nominal

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Spendor ST   Audio Enthusiast [Aug 08, 2016]

I have had quite a few speakers over the last 15 yrs. In order they are Accusound, JBL LX55, Orpheus Dolomite, Dali Suite 2.8, B&W 703, Anthony Gallo 3.1 Reference, Anthony Gallo 3.5 Reference, Legacy Focus SE, Lenehan ML3 Reference.

Some were just plain horrible,some were great. Thought I finally had my end game speaker with the Lenehans.. In my room though,even with room treatment,they excited certain frequencies in the 100-300 range that made me cringe when it happened. Wasn't all the time and some cds it would never happen.....but I realised I just couldn't live with them like that

Stumbled upon a pair of Spendor ST and went for a listen. They were nice but being partnered with Accuphase amp and a tube cd player just made it way too smooth for me.

However,I took a punt and bought them,hoping that with my gear they would sound nicer.
They do!!! Whilst I was still so disappointed that the Lenehan speakers didn't work in my room,I found that disappointment clearing very quickly now that I had the Spendors

They sound just so natural. Vocals of course are great which you would expect with Spendor speakers but my range of music spans from Leonard Cohen to Metallica with a leaning more toward the heavier side.So I had concerns whether Spendors and Cradle of Filth would go together.....

Well, these speakers may just be one of the great all rounders. The Gallo's would probably be the closest in sound to the Spendors. The Legacys were impressive at times but often couldn't turn the dial too much because it was a bit bright.

These Spendors sound awesome with all types of music. Smooth ,detailed and the bass isn't lacking like I thought it might. One thing which I love about them.....no matter how bad the recording,they still offer to a certain extent,decent separation and don't sound as flat or congested as other speakers have. Of course,you will still know its a bad /old recording but I can now play my crappy cd's which become almost enjoyable!!

As one reviewer stated,they might not stand out from the crowd with the deepest bass or the cavernous soundstage etc but you get a speaker that just does everything right

Highly recommended

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