Speaker Art Double Odyssey Floorstanding Speakers

Speaker Art Double Odyssey Floorstanding Speakers 


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[Jul 01, 2000]


Timbral accuracy, 3 dimensional solid imaging, rhythmic drive



Introduced as Speaker Art's flagship model at the 1993 Consumer Electronics Show, these speakers are the finest most satisfying speakers I have ever owned (or heard). Not only are they audio knock-outs but they are absolutely gorgeous!

Each speaker has two cabinets. The top (monitor) cabinet houses an 8.75" Eton woofer (cast magnesium frame, Nomex voice coil) and a Dyn Audio Esotar tweeter (crossed over at 1600 cycles via a 7th and 10th order, zero phase error, constant voltage crossover). The bottom (bass) cabinet houses another 8.75 Eton woofer. All four cabinets are made with three inch thick laminate Baltic Birch covered with Cherry wood (beautiful!). No MDF or particle board is used anywhere. The cabinet interior is completely friction damped and asymmetrical so there are no standing waves and no measurable cabinet resonance. They are an honest 91db, one watt, one meter efficiency, with no lost energy within the cabinet structure - so they are happy with both tube (I use Atma-Sphere) and solid state amps.

I've owned some very highly regarded speakers, but these are better. Without going into all of the audiophile terms, let me just say that music is presented in a completely natural yet exciting manner. I am hearing details in my recordings that I have not heard on other speakers (including the Wilsons and Avalons). But there's so much more! These speakers are VERY FAST and rhythmic. If your feet aren't tapping wildly away at music you enjoy you must be very tired (or dead). The bass is very articulate and tight (fast) and supports the rest of the spectrum as it should (but as you seldom hear in other designs). The midrange is almost electrostatic-like, yet without the "coolness" many electrostatics possess. The highs are right where they should be... very natural, fast and detailed. If I were to use one word to describe the sound, I would have to say balanced... very balanced. Images are dense and three-dimensional. The soundtage is expansive with great depth and height. The music emerges from utter blackness (due extremely low driver and cabinet distortion). Female vocals, saxophones, drums, etc. all have a presence and "rightness" about them that I have yet to hear in other designs. These speakers really "let go of the notes!"

In mid 1993 the cabinet maker (he's more of an artist) informed Bob Gross that due to the difficulty (and time needed) in making these cabinets by hand, he could no longer do it. So these exact speakers are no longer available...

but... the good news is that Speaker Art recently introduced a new flagship model - the Proklaim II - which Bob Gross insists are even better. (Note: I heard the Proklam II's at the 2000 CES and I think he's right!). If you are in the market for your last pair of speakers, I strongly urge you to put the Proklaim II's on your VERY short list.

Bob Gross has been quitely making state-of-the-art speakers in his workshop for over 25 years. His concept is simple and he sticks to it... ultimate and long term musical satisfaction in your home. Bob's knowledge of crossover design and implementation is perhaps the best in the business. I would list him as one of the top three speaker designers of all time - he's that good!

If you wish, you can check out Speaker Art's website where you will find information about his excellent crossovers as well as information on his new flagship (the Proklaim II) and the Super Clefs (awarded Speaker of Exceptional Merit by Martin DeWulf of Bound For Sound). Go to: www.speakerart.com

Please feel free to email me (mocha6@earthlink.net) if you have any questions about these speakers. Or, if you're in the Los Angeles area you're welcome to stop by for a listen.

Many speakers on this Audio Review site have received 5 stars (most don't deserve it). Speaker Art's flagship speakers communicate the very soul and essence of music in a way no other design I'm aware of can. Either a new 6 star rating should be created for these speakers, or most other 5 Star contenders should be considered worthy of 4 stars. These speakers really are that good!

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