Selah Audio Galena Floorstanding Speakers


10" 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker with 7" Scan-Speak Revelator midrange and ribbon tweeter.

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jkasch   AudioPhile [Sep 21, 2007]

Everything I care about.


Nothing I care about.
SET users need not apply.

Actually this is a 2007 model. I’ve had a hi-fi jones since the early 70’s when I purchased my first pair of Advent Loudspeakers. Since then, I’ve gone through several pairs from Advent, Boston Acoustics, Cizek, JBL, Infinity, and others. Although I never spent more than $1000 on a pair, I always went for the most bang-for-the-buck. The speakers had to be universally rave-reviewed and win my own listening comparison tests. In addition, I never passed up a chance to hear high-end loudspeakers at shows and dealers. Now at age fifty-something, I decided to purchase my very last pair. This time my budget was in the < $8,000 range, but I still didn’t want to throw away money either.

After months of research and listening, I narrowed my choices to either Salk HT-3’s or Selah Peridots. Both of these companies evolved from the Madisound Forum DIY community and IMO, offer unmatched value. Both companies have an impeccable reputation. I was however, wary of the metal midranges which both models employ. One theme that seems to permeate most reviews of high-end speakers with metal mids is the fact that they are so revealing that the reviewers can’t stand to listen to a lot of their records and CDs. Most of my favorite music is not on audiophile recordings, so I wrote Rick Craig of Selah Audio and asked for a quote on the Peridot using a Scan-Speak Revelator in place of the Seas Excel driver.

Rick said he’d be happy to accommodate my request but suggested a design he’d had in mind for some time. This would use the Fountek ribbon and 7” SS Revelator used in his SSR model mated to a Aurasound 10” woofer in a tapered tower about 40” tall. He said the Revelator is extremely detailed, but more forgiving than the Excel. Three months later, Rick personally delivered his new model, the Galena (now a regular in his lineup), to my door.

This speaker is everything I was hoping for. It’s hard to find fault. Bass is deep, powerful and tight. No sub required. The mids are the most neutral I have heard, and the highs are detailed but never harsh. The crossovers are seamless. This is a real trick with a 7” mid and a small ribbon. But because the Revelator extends so high without a nasty peak, and Rick is such a talented designer, it’s a wonderful marriage. I can listen to any of my recordings without being driven from the room. Jazz, rock, or classical, it’s all good. Muted trumpets, which set my ears on edge on most loudspeakers, are just right. There’s a bite but they don’t annoy. The imaging is deep and wide, and the speakers disappear as well as any direct radiator I have heard. They also do that “performer-in-the-room” thing exceptionally well. The cabinets are gorgeous.

The only downsides I have found would apply to audiophiles who favor low-powered amps or have amps that can’t drive 4 ohm loads. These like power and average 4 ohms, but because there are no severe phase angles and the minimum is 3.9 ohms, it’s a friendly 4 ohm load. A fifty wpc NAD can shake the room.

So, I could have spent twice as much, but I’m glad I didn’t. To my ears, these speakers are just so right, with so many different recordings, that if Rick Craig doesn’t sell bunch of them, there’s just no justice in the audio biz. I’ve found my last pair of loudspeakers.

Customer Service

There aren't many companies where one can converse with the designer and owner. Rick Craig is one of the best. He'll build just about any design you can dream up and his standard lineup has a 45 day money back guarantee.

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