Revox Elegance Floorstanding Speakers

Revox Elegance Floorstanding Speakers 


Stylish design speaker


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[Mar 07, 2001]
Casual Listener


Build quality, Sound, Great looks


The Revox badge on the front looks tacky

Have been looking for a 'lifestyle' system to go with my Asian apartment living. Having listened to both Bose 'Lifestyle20' and Nakamichi Soundspace8, I was not convinced of the giant leap over my existing cheap Sony. Then found the Linn Classik. This integrated CD/Tuner/Amp is true HiFi in a lifestyle package. Now I needed speakers. Linn offer several good bookshelf units, but I was hooked on the idea of 'Cubes', I am a fashion victim! Listened to the Linn coupled with Anthony Gallo 'Micro' speakers. Sounded pretty good, then found the Revox Elegance Magic Cubes. As you know Elegance is a series of speakers from Revox including floorstanding, bookshelf and now (as of December 2000) cubes. Setup is 2 4" Aluminum cubes containing a single driver, couple to a 12" Aluminim cube containing two passive woofers. It looks great, takes cubism to the logical extreme.

As for sound, I am no audiophile, but my auditioning tracks were:

Led Zepplin: Black Dog (Heavy drum, guitar, vocals, ROCK!!!)
Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Allegro
Jazz: One piano track and one female vocal

The cubes handled all very well. Could crank up the Zepplin to ear splitting and still balsted out loud and clear. Female vocal had great clarity and Mozart just seemed to fill the room.

The Revox sound is more precise than either Bose or Gallo, but the soudstage remains very broad considering the size of the units. The speakers really do disappear.

I had a nagging concern about the sound in my aprtment, but should not have worried, sounds just as clear as the showroom. Doubtless a true 'audiophile' could shott these speakers down, but for my eclectic tastes the sound is everything I was looking for, with looks to match.

Similar Products Used:

Auditioned: Bose 'Jewel' Cubes, Nakamichi Soundspace, Gallo 'Micro', Linn katan

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