Revel Ultima Gem Main / Stereo Speaker Floorstanding Speakers

Ultima Gem Main / Stereo Speaker

Providing big loudspeaker sound in an elegant compact cabinet, the Gem incorporates Revel’s cutting-edge technology to provide musically honest and accurate reproduction along with incredible dynamic range.

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AVIA-Designs   Audio Enthusiast [Apr 19, 2009]

I don't like referring to myself as an "Audiophile" but there were only a few choices so I guess I'll go with "Enthusiast." I am though,serious about music, its production and re-production. The best component (speaker, amplifier, phono cartridge, cable etc.) is only as good as it's setup. Setup can include things like speaker placement, interaction between components or even the room itself.

I mention this because I have read many conflicting reviews in these pages and yet understand that any given product is either neutral and free from noticable artifacts or it somehow changes the musical throughput. And if it does change or distort the signal, it either has to add something that wasn't there in the original program or delete / reduce some portion of it.

Wilson Audio Specialties has a knack for producing products that are so artifact free that they become somehow holigraphic in their presentation. Not to imply that they are perfect but that in their respective price ranges, the come closer to a live performance than other brands.

I purchased a used pair of WATT-Puppy series 3/2 in the early 90's and with them, heard more inner detail, micro dynamics and low level bass extention than I had experienced before or since. I moved twice putting them into three radically different settings, tried different preamps, amplifiers, D/A converters and cables with varying sonic results but always a tall, very wide and deep soundstage. The music was always realistic and enjoable. In fact, I became accustomed to sitting off axis because I seemed to always be showing off the system to someone, allowing my guest to sit in the sweet spot. And that was the interesting thing, the sweet spot was so wide that I actually could see/hear a slightly different perspective into the soundstage. It was as though I was listening to live music from about 5-6 seats right of center instead of dead on TDC. Every other listening experience that I've ever had (off axis) including friends systems, trade shows and hi fi stores, I've always felt that I needed to move to the center to get an image. Simply not true with the WATT-Puppies!

I could go on but I'm going to go listen to some cool jazz instead.

BTW - Just read about some new stuff coming out of New Orleans that sounds really promissing! Check 'em out . . .

THX, Doc

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