Revel Salon2 Floorstanding Speakers


  • Curvilinear Single Piece Enclosure with 9 Layers of Laminated MDF
  • Easily Removable, Magnetically Attached Grilles
  • Pure Beryllium Dome Tweeter with 3rd Generation Waveguide Technology
  • Titanium Cone Woofer and Midrange with Inverted-dome Designs

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p59teitel   AudioPhile [Nov 05, 2012]

A simply outstanding speaker. The beryllium tweeter provides superb transparency, high detail and accurate strike and decay without any of the fatiguing brightness that often accompanies such revealing sound. Mids are smooth and realistic. Bass through the three 8" woofers is deep and extended, with weight and slam.

But the sum is greater than the parts as driver integration is superb - the crossovers are exceptionally well designed and the individual drivers do not draw overt attention to themselves right up through concert SPLs.

Dispersion is excellent through the waveguided baffle design - the sweet spot is large and not confined to a single seat. Soundstaging in all three dimensions is world-class.

These speakers do however ruthlessly reveal any flaws in your signal path, and you will not discover everything they can do without using top-notch amplification and sources with them. They are also power hogs and require high-current amplification to showcase their ability to convey dynamics, especially in large rooms with volumes in excess of 4,000 cubic feet like mine.

They sounded very good with the Plinius M8 pre-amp and Class A/B Plinius SB-301 power amp I paired them with initially. But they are now providing unbelievable sound with a Symphonic Line tube pre-amp and Class A Symphonic Line Kraft 250 Reference mono blocks. I would strongly urge that anyone purchasing these speakers look to provide similar quality Class A amplification from brands like FM Acoustics, Gryphon, Boulder and Clayton - these speakers are more than worthy of such a high investment, as I can surely attest when I listen late at night with my eyes closed and am able to simply hear music and not stereo gear.

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