Revel Performa F52 Floorstanding Speakers

Performa F52

  • 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter
  • Tight tolerance components
  • Precision tweeter adjustment

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sal   Audio Enthusiast [Jul 28, 2007]

Wide soundstage, excellent imaging. Best souding tweeter around. NO EAR FATIGUE here !! Superb fit and finish. They realy look high end.


None that could find other that they don't go as low as I want them to go.

I bought a pair of Revel F52 from a local dealer. They are by far the best speakers I have owned. I have owned some polk audios, mirages, b&w and some martin logans.
The F52 are the most complete speakers of them all. They simply sound fantastic.
Superb midrange, and the best tweeter I have ever heard. Highs, mids and lows blend in flawlessly. These speakers throw one of the best imaging availale at any price range. Soundstage is wide and accurate. imaging is dead on center.
I have listed to some Wilson watt puppies 8 and even the MAXX 2 and I can swear my F52 sound nicer. The only advantage I would say the other speakers have is that they go much lower. You will need a seperate sub with the F52 as they aren't true full range speakers although the manufacturer claims they are.
Mate these babies with some strong clean power and good electronics and you will not be dissapointed.
I often find myself staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning listening to my favorite CDs and to some that I haven't looked at in a long time. What I am trying to say is they make all music sound good. Thye make you want to listen. The never sound harsh, never fatiguing. I can listen for hours and enjoy every minute of it. I couldn't say that about the B&W or the wilsons. Every speaker I have owned before had been either too bright, too thin, too bloated or very ear fatiguing.
I love my F52 and I can with confidence say they are one of the best speakers under 20K. I will however be upgrading to a pair of Revel Salons soon. The only reason I am doing so is to get more bass without having to use a subwoofer.
If you have 4 to 5K o even 10K to spend, please give the F52 a listen. I guarantee you will buy them. They are a true value at their selling price. You can pick up an almost new pair on audiogon for as low as $4000.

Similar Products Used: POLK RT2000, MIRAGE, RVEL F12, B&W 801, THIEL 2.4. I have also listened to some watt puppies, MAXX 2 and some JM LABS.
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