RBH Sound TS-10A Floorstanding Speakers

RBH Sound TS-10A Floorstanding Speakers 


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[Jul 23, 2000]
Lorin Duncan
Audio Enthusiast


Very fast,very musical


could use a seperate control unit(but then so could most of
the subs on the market)

I bought this sub to fill out the very bottom octaves of my
Paradigm 60s.The 60s will easily produce down to 40HZ, BUT
it is surpizeing what you find down in the 30HZ ZONE ON
modern music.This is where the RBH TS-10A really shines.It
won't go much below that,but this is not a big sloppy home
theatre only sub.What this sub gives you is really tight
deep bass without all the artifacts you get with most of the big boys.BUT I do use it for home theatre as well, I
keep the output at about 9:00 or 10:00 for music and about
1:00 for movies. The 1:00 setting gives you that deep back
ground rumble on spaceship scenes (aka-Galaxy Quest, Star
Trek movies, etc.)And when they take off or blow up,very
impressive.The Nht subone is also a good choice in this
price range, but I had to give the edge to the RBH.I HIGHLY

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[Jul 06, 1998]
an Audio Enthusiast

After listening and buying many brands of subwoofers, I stumbled across this little company in Utah that has been making speaker drivers for high end companies such as Macintosh for years until they decided to go out on their own and make entire products.I had the Pinnacle Digital Sub350 which retails for $1100 and bottoms out when volume levels reach that of which I desire for movies. IT sounded very musical if played low. This mainly occured because the preamp overloads with anything greater than 1 V and because the woofers had terrible excursion.
I tried subs from Klipsh, Infinity, and Velodyne.
For the money, nothing came close to the accuracy and detail that the RBH sub thows off. It sounds so musical that I don't even turn it off when listening to 2 channel music. The cabinet is beautiful and most importantly the woofer is made out of pure aluminum and has an excursion ability of 1". the amount of air that comes out of the port is amazing. I no longer use my hair dryer anymore :)

This sub is truly one of the best values I have come across in subs under $600
2 thumbs way up !!!!!

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