PSB Speakers Platinum T6 Floorstanding Speakers

Platinum T6

  • Impedence 4
  • Frequency Response 35-20
  • Sensitivity 90
  • Tweeters 1-1"
  • Midrange 2-3.5"
  • Woofers 6-6.5"

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PeruvianSkies   Audio Enthusiast [Oct 05, 2006]

Just about everything!

Incredibly sonics, soundstage, presence, ability to blend into the room, and the superb fidelity at both low, mid, and upper levels. Solidly constucted and beautifully crafted to shear perfection. Clarity is impeccable! These are nost your normal $3000-$5000 range speakers, try comparing them to speakers around the 10K mark. It seems there is little limit to these speakers once connected to the right components. The Parasound Halo A23 that I am currently using is a great fit, but I have heard these speakers under higher power amps and that is really when they open up big time!


Baffle is a bit of a challenge to remove because it fits so snug to the tower, but this is not a huge pain since most people do not go back and forth between putting it on or off.

Low end presence takes some time to get finely tuned with the room, but not a huge problem either because every speaker needs acquainted with a room in some manner. I found the right connection for my room to be about 2-3 feet from the back wall and about 5-8 inches from the side walls. I have them angled inward about 5 degrees to the listening position as well and the speakers are physically about 8 feet apart from one another. The listening position is also about 8-10 feet away, which makes a great listening triangle and a killer combination.

If you are looking for great speakers....look no further than companies like B&W, but if you are looking for a musical journey into a 3-Dimensional world of incredible sonics and soundstage, than go with PSB and more specifically the Platinum T-6, of T-8 if you have a large room.

I have been a huge fan of PSB for years, I've listening to various models from the Image and Stratus line and waited forever to finally get my pair of Platinum T-6's. Upon immediate connection to my Parasound Halo A23 amplifier, Pioneer Elite receiver, and Denon 2910 transport I was immediately taken to a new world of musicality. Never within the confines of my own home have I heard such magnificent depth and clarity all at once.

When I closed my eyes during several key recordings I coud immediately pinpoint the precise location within the mix of all the instruments, vocals, etc. The soundstage was incredibly wide and deep. The bass control was super tight with all the pitches being reproduced incredibly well. High-end signals were devistatingly strong and clear with a mid to upper mid range that was unlike anything I ever heard on a speaker in this price range.

These speakers DISAPPEAR! You know you are in the presence of greatness when you can no longer think about the speaker, but you are transformed into another time and place and the speakers disappear and nothing exists but you and the music. You will most likely have to spend upwards of $10-$20,000 to achieve this, but not if you are more inclined to go with the PSB Platinum line.

Aethetically-speaking the Platinum line, just like all of the PSB speakers are also quite marvelous to look at as well. Pictures do little need to see these in person! What I really love is anytime you get speakers from PSB you immediately know when they arrive that you have something special. The packaging, the little details like putting a PSB high quality pen inside your package just to make you feel great, or just the smell when you unleash them from the high qualtiy packaging. The Platinum T'6 is rather tall, built incredibly well, and looks dynamite! The gold connectors in the back are superb and the gray baffle really makes it look sporty, but also allows the speaker to neaturally blend into the room. The construction on these speakers is TOP NOTCH, Candadian sytle!

I look forward to upgrading my amplifier in the near future to something like 2 Classe monoblocks to really make the T-6's sing.

Similar Products Used: I compared these speakers to B&W, Tannoy, Def Tech, Polk, Klipsch, Tyler Acoustics, Axiom, Athena, Wharfedale, NHT, and many many others in similar price range.
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