PMC AB1 Floorstanding Speakers

PMC AB1 Floorstanding Speakers 


Acoustic suspension 9.5in woofer, 4in voice coil, 55lbs


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[May 10, 1997]
Dave McDuff
an Audio Enthusiast

PMC (Professional Monitor Company) is a relatively unknown speaker manufacturer (at least to me) based out of England, who make Professional Monitors using transmission line technology (channeled box design). PMC speakers are distributed in North America by Bryston.
The PMC speakers I've seen and heard are the TB-1 (tiny box), the LB-1 (little box) & the AB-1 (average box) are all two-way designs.

The AB-1's measure 31.5" tall, 17.5" deep and 10.5" wide and weigh 55 pounds each. The AB- 1's, although not small, should be used with stands. The stands that PMC ships with the AB-1's cost extra, but are well worth it (the stands are 11.5" high and 17.5" deep and weigh a ton!) My AB-1's are finished in a black ash wood veneer (not very original, but it doesn't look cheap either) and they are also available in rosewood and natural oak. Bi-wiring or Bi-amping is supported.

Preamp: Bryston BP-25, Amp: Bryston 4B-ST, CD-Player: Yamaha CDC-745 Monster Cable MSeries CX-4 Bi-wire speaker cable, Monster Cable MSeries M550i Balanced cables and unbalanced interconnects.

I've spent at least 40 hours listening to these speakers now, and I get more impressed with every disc I play.

The first impression I got when listening to the AB-1's was their incredibly detailed sound. It is unbelievable how easy it is to follow any instrument or voice in the recording. These speakers have a soundstage that, in my opinion, probably rivals any other speaker in its price range or higher! You want depth, listen to these puppies!

The bass/midrange response from the 9" Dynamo driver in the AB-1 cabinet is spine tingling. The impact and precision of the low bass are more impressive than any other speaker/subwoofer I've ever heard. You can get all this impressive bass without sacrificing any clarity (no muddiness!) and without the bass imposing its will on the upper midrange and highs. These speakers simply play what's recorded - within any volume limit.

One fatal flaw of most speakers I've listened to is a harsh upper midrange/high. Not so with the AB-1's. Cool & liquid smooth are the best words to describe their sound - easy on the ears, never "shreaky".

These speakers sound great when listening to any music type. I've listened to audiophile recordings of jazz & classical music, as well as slammin' rock, techno and alternative music. Any acoustic music sounds hyper-realistic to me (I've played trumpet in classical & jazz bands for six years). Rock & techno music actually frightened me. I've never been able to "decode" any of the lyrics which Kurt Cobain ever spilled out until now . . . spooky guy!

Needless to say I've bought the PMC AB-1's and I love them. The speakers retail for $4,500 CDN. The only retailer I know of is the Audio Centre. Their web site address is

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