Paradigm Reference Monitor 7 V.5 Floorstanding Speakers

Paradigm Reference Monitor 7 V.5 Floorstanding Speakers 


New Paradigm Monitor 7 Speakers


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[Feb 02, 2007]
Dennis A.
Audio Enthusiast


Clean, revealing, with great projection of music and theater


Wider dispersion needed so a must to biwire or biamp for the best sound

Nothing subtle about these new speakers as they are everything that Paradigm is known for, namely great projection of sound. The speakers have a much wider dispersion if you biwire them, which really improves the sound. The speaker now has tweeter, midrange and 2 bass cones with dual ports in the back, which is different from prior models. The bass is sharp and distinct with no boom or roll, and the treble is very good. In the midrange area where most of the action is the speakers truly reflect the recording itself, that is , what was projected to the front, vocals or instruments and whether the mixing was any good or not. Others who have complained about the midrange in prior versions, especially with rock recordings, miss this fact as these speakers are remarkably revealing of any recording whether good or badly done. Using these for stereo music I run these in direct mode through a Denon A/V receiver and either direct or virtual mode for home theater/TV use as they are the only two speakers in use for my system. All in all a very good clean speaker in its class and I am very satisfied with them.

Customer Service

Original pair arrived with one speaker completely destroyed internally with an intact cabinet and the other speaker's crossover was shot. These were immediately replaced by my dealer and Paradigm with a new set which I enjoy today.

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