Paradigm Reference Monitor 11 V5 Floorstanding Speakers

Monitor 11 V5

2007 release of the Monitor series Paradigm speaker. Version 5. 2 1/2 way floor stander with 1 inch tweeter and 2 7 1/2 inch woofers.

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ejcasper   Audio Enthusiast [Feb 25, 2008]

Clarity. The imaging is spot on and the bass is out of this world. Paradigm dialed down the bass on version 5 but I think they actually just made the bass more distinct. The sheer volume that they can output with no distortion is uncanny. They sound more realistic than any home speakers I have ever heard under $3000.


They are not small. If you can get past the size, there are none.

I have only used the Monitor 11's for a little over a week now, but they have exceeded my expectations so far. They are absolutely stunning. I listen to them daily and most of the time it is for Home Theater use. I have listened to music through them, and they work very well for that, but for the most part I watch movies and play PS3 games and to that end...I could not imagine a better speaker. Just today I was watching Gone Baby Gone on Blu Ray and there was an unexpected gunshot that I could have sworn came from within my own house. I honestly jumped out of my seat. I researched speakers over the course of a month and came down to either the Monitor 11's or B&W 683's. I demoed both pairs. In the first store, I was unimpressed with the B&W's for the money. I felt I owed it to myself to hear them elsewhere so I did...same result. I went back to listen to the Paradigm's and after much research I pulled the trigger. Best Speaker for twice the money! They could easily charge double what these cost and I would feel they would still be a great buy.

Customer Service

All issues are handled through the authorized dealer I purchased them from so this is a non issue. There is a 5 year warranty which is fantastic and should be noted.

Similar Products Used: Polk Audio RT16
B&W 683
TommyG   Audio Enthusiast [Dec 10, 2007]

I'm quite happy with the Paradigm Monitoer 11's V5. They sound very full and rich. It's difficult to put into words how audio sounds and even more difficult if you move around and change room accousticts like I do because they will sound different in every room and then factor in drapes, carpets, furniture etc.. But overall I am very pleased with these speakes.

I am 45 years old, and have owned many car and home stereos . I was an early adopter of DVD Audio and SACD and was the proud owner of a $1,000 (CAD) Sony car CD player in 1985...Geese it didn't even have a radio tuner.

Anyway I truly do enjoy these speakers and would recommend them to anyone who wants a pair of very good kick ass speakers that can play loud and not break a sweat at an affordable price.. I push 250 watts RMS through them and they always sound great no matter what genre of music I play.

I don't think I am an expert but here is what I currently own.

Behringer EP2500 (250 watts RMS of clean power, Crossed over at 50 hz) running the Paradigm Monitor 11's
Yamagha 6090
Paradigm Legends for Surrounds (100 watt subs built in)
Paradigm CC290 center channel
Paradigm Titans for Rear Rurrounds
Velodyne DLS 5000(15" 600 watt RMS subwoofer)
Crowson A300 (150 watt RMSwith 2 tactile TES 100's Transducers
Sanyo Z4, 720P projector and Draper 106" screen
Sharp Aquos 46" 1080P LCD TV
Toshiba A2 Hi Def DVD player
Pioneer DV-588A - DVD Audio and SACD Player
SA 3250 Hi Def Cable box
Archos 605 PMP and DVR Sation

Delphi SKi FI2 XM radio in the car
Alpine CD player in car
Infinity Kappa's front and back
Kaption 10: subwoofer.
Rockford Fosgate 4 channel 70 watts rated (actually higher) Power series amp.

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