Mirage Loudspeakers Omni-250 Floorstanding Speakers

Mirage Loudspeakers Omni-250 Floorstanding Speakers 


  • Magnetically Shielded Omnipolar Tower
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz-20KHz, +/- 3dB
  • Amplifier Power:Up to 150-watts
  • Tweeter:1" PTH Pure Titanium Hybrid
  • Inputs: High Quality 5-way Terminals


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[Dec 11, 2007]


soundstage,smooth sound, soundstage and good imaging, soundstage.


these are just a tad week with bass - added sub handles this.

Picked up a pair of these off Craigslist - I have a pair of the omnisats as the side speakers in my home theater and they work pretty well for effects but I wasnt prepard for how much I'd like the sound of these floorstanding Mirage speakers. the sound stage is bigger and deeper than any speakers I've had in my listening environment by far - the imaging is very good also - I added a infinity sub yuned with the RABOS kit and it really filled out the lower end which was the only slight weakness these speakers had - I have seen the Mirages around for years and thought of them as kind of a gimmick speaker with the onmipolar drivers. I no longer beleive this. Mirage has really stumbled opon a great way to create a speaker that gives a live,open spacious feeling to music - the are a little placement sensitive, but whn you dial them in it pays off with incredible smooth enjoyable music - isnt this what its all about? I've had over 30 different speakers i've tried in the last couple of years and these are one of my favorites.

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