McIntosh LS360 Floorstanding Speakers


  • 3-Way Tower Loudspeaker
  • Bass Reflex Design
  • Wide Detailed Horizontal Dispersion
  • 8" LD/HP Midrange Driver
  • 10" LD/HP Woofers

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djchrisallan   AudioPhile [Apr 18, 2008]

Awesome power, scale, detail, very musical. Dynamics are as good as I could personally ask for until I hear better for the right price!


They aren't the smallest but if you want full range with bass that reaches the lower fathoms how else can you do it?

Thought I’d add to the lack of resource on the web for these seemingly overlooked speakers, here’s my two penneth . .

I was looking for a solution for a 2 channel system initially that wouldn't have any limitations in terms of bass extension and power handling whilst maintaining sweet midrange and treble. These

I'd always liked the idea of owning a Mcintosh amp (and still have a hankering for a pair of mc501's) but up to that point never considered mac speakers.

I considered larger models by Martin Logan, Sonus Faber, ProAc, and even Wilson Audio. Then came along the 360's on ebay at a price that was incredibly reasonable given their original price tag of £7000.

The transaction was made and I went in "blind" so to speak relying on the very scarce review resource available on the web. Encouraging me that these speakers provide a stellar performance with music and movies.

I'm pleased to say that I have never once been disappointed by these speakers and it would take something very special indeed to make me invest in speakers to replace them.

With bass heavy tracks and the right amplification they can take your breath away.

I use Audio Design Associates MPA-502 power amp with the Cinema reference mach 2 so driving the Macs is not a problem. The opening track on Massive Attack's Mezzanine album “Angel” moves the air and vibrates through you satisfyingly and once the haunting vocal creeps in you realise there is a perfect balance with the intense but controlled bass and the unrestrained midrange sailing across the top, this is thanks to the dedicated 8” midrange, this to my ears renders vocals emotive and breathy. Dare to listen to Steve Lawler’s Viva London mix the 1st track Z@p - Plumonito (Matias Muten Mix) will make you jump out of your skin with the bass slam sounding like a (controlled) explosion. Leftfield's "Melt" played on vinyl is also very special indeed. These types of tracks do well to show the power the LS360s are capable of but one of my favourite tracks that demonstrates the ls360’s versatility is “Heaven” on Bryan Adam’s unplugged album this shows off Adams vocal perfectly for me then when the band kick in the unimitable scale the Macs deliver is amazing. Another very well recorded live acoustic track that really shows off the Mac’s is “Keith don’t go” from Nils Lofgren’s acoustic live album. I first heard this on a pair of enormous Dali speakers at a hifi show in Manchester and the main thing that captivated me was how sweet the treble sounded through the electrostatic tweeters of the Dali’s (they were part of a 100k concept system using top of the range naim amplification and sources and ultra expensive cabling) I was eager to hear what my Mac’s could do to impress me on the treble. To my ears they conveyed all the emotion of the track with the sparkling treble presented in a similarly impressive manner, this track among many others shows off how good a full range speaker the macs are, sometimes their revealing nature just surprises me. Another track that I keep going back to again and again is off Page and Plant’s live “Unledded” DVD “Nobody’s fault but mine” is so satisfying coming through the system it reminds you what spending all this money on Hi-fi is all about!

The Macs are also part of my HT set up and I have never been disappointed in this department either.

Similar Products Used: System consists of :

2 x LS360s (fronts)
2 x AVI pro nine plus (rears)
Acoustic Energy centre (soon to be upgraded to Martin Logan)
REL Stadium 2 Sub
Audio Design Associates Cinema Reference Mach 2 THX Ultra 2 processor
Audio Design Associates MPA-502 5 channel Power Amp
PS3 as digital source (plays blu rays and dvds in 1080p and supplies digital signal to the Cinema Reference's excellent DAC).
various cables including kimber select etc
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