MB Quart VS 1 F Floorstanding Speakers

MB Quart VS 1 F Floorstanding Speakers 


  • Aluminium die cast baskets
  • 2,95“ voice coil
  • High performed neodymium magnet
  • Voice coil with inside spider
  • Tweeter with titanium dome


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[Feb 09, 2007]
Chris Nicholls
Audio Enthusiast


Handle GOBS of power effortlessly
Super accurate and highly detailed tweeter
Can be used for almost any type of music
German quality


Not very efficient - needs GOBS of power (~86dB)
Hard to find - At least on this side of the pond!!

I am an avid MB Quart fan and had an opportunity to purchase a couple of the Vera pieces at a steal. Let me just say that these puppies are by far the best that I have heard. The Tweeters have been the claim to fame with the MB Quart line up and the Vera's are by far their best. I have a pair of the Q series in my car and had a pair of the QLS-830's and 530's before the Vera's, which were awesome also, but the vera's take it to a whole other level. The woofers are crazy also. 3" voice coils on a 6 1/2" driver is insane. The basket of the driver is made in a special design to dissipate heat and the spider is mounted in the center of the driver's voice coil where it is supposed to improve linearity. See website for more details.

I have also used them with a small 2W SET amp that makes a mesmerizing background listening set-up, but these guys need some oomph to get them going, so I would really reccommend using some high current solid state amplification.

All I can say is if you have a chance to hear a pair of these (or any other MB Quart) I highly reccommend doing so. I also have the Vera center channel and subwoofer. Both of these are also awesome. For the price (if you can find them) are a great value for someone looking into a $5000 - $10000 speaker. Love 'em.

Found my "for life" speakers.

Right now I have them bi-amped with a Fosgate Audionics FAA 1000.5 amp (200W x 5) using 2 channels for the tweets and 2 channels for the woofs with the 5th for the center. Wicked.

Good luck on finding a pair and if you do and have the $$, I would seriously reccommend them and would say that no matter what the source media or genre, these puppies will impress you.

MB Quart has been around for a long time doing high end Home and Car audio. Thay have been owned by Rockford Corp (Rockford Fosgate) for a small while and now by Maxxonics. I hope that Maxxonics keeps MB Quart true to it's roots by providing high end speakers. I am an avid fan and will always prefer MB Quart over all others.

They also have a new mid line that I have not personally auditioned called "Alexxa". Check out their website mbquart.com for more details. They appear worth a look.

MB Quart in my opinion is possibly the best kept secret in speakers. Hear for yourself.

Customer Service

Have never had any experience - No Comment.

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